It’s The Little Things: {Faro & Farewells}

Yay, one of my favorite link ups is back, Lindsey from Hello Hue!

Here are my little things that made me smile this week:

Finally getting to Portugal! We took a day trip to Faro, which is right over the border from Spain. Had a wonderful family day together and enjoyed some beautiful weather!

{smooching my hubby in Faro…}

I also enjoyed a wonderful lunch out with my coworkers this week. Today was my last day of work and it was very sad. I HATE goodbyes, and thankfully could put some of them off because I’ll be stopping back in but it sucks! Some of the Spanish friends I have made are some of the funnest people I know and I will miss them dearly! So instead of adios, I am saying hasta luego. I hope I will see them again someday.

Two. More. Weeks! I can’t believe we are so close to leaving! I am trying not to have a panic attack because looking at my house, it is impossible to imagine that we are really packing out soon!

Hello Hue Little Things

Ending the day on a low note…

This morning I started out positively sad about our pending move. I am ready to dig my heels in and just stay here a little while longer. It didn’t help that it got up to a gorgeous 85 degrees today, nice and sunny with summer right around the corner.


I have to listen to yet ANOTHER person complaining about how much they hate this base. I am so over it. While we chose to move here there are those people who didn’t have a choice. Or maybe this base just wasn’t what they had in mind. But to LOUDLY complain about practically every aspect of the base, not a good enough selection at the commissary/exchange, not enough for kids to do, not enough child care options, it just annoyed the crap out of me!

We don’t live in America, we live in Spain. There might possibly come a point where you have to pull up your big girl panties and step off base! Amazingly there are stores in Spain that sell food and clothing! Cute clothing in fact! And the complaints you have about having to pay for it in euro? What the hell do you think that COLA is for??? It was just super annoying and I took it personally as I feel like I am a representative of the child care on base and that she was picking on me personally.  Even though she wasn’t, and at this point in time I really don’t care. I think it sad that instead of spending your time enjoying a place that some people save up and vacation to, all you can complain about is how horrible everything is.

And the other day someone told me they hated it here because there was no WalMart. I. Just. Don’t. Get. It. You would rather shop at a trashy big box store (that has a twin here in Spain called Carrefour!!!!) than live here? Is buying stuff, random stuff that you don’t need and are only buying because you are bored, really THAT important to you?

Ending rant now, just had to get that out there. If you are moving to Spain, please be aware that it is a totally different country because apparently there are some people who think it should be ‘little America’. I swear if I hear the phrase “…at our LAST base…” one more time…


Is this even a thing?

I was at the commissary yesterday right after work to pick up a few things and it seemed like every aisle I went down had someone I knew.  I’ve never lived in a small town before and moved a LOT as a kid so I’ve never had this opportunity to really know a large part of our community.  I know it’s never going to be like this again. We are never going to live on such a small base, we are headed back to big cities with tens of thousands of people.

It is going to be so weird to have traffic again. To have to drive more than 10 minutes to get to everything relevant. To have to start over from scratch not knowing a single soul in the whole entire state of Hawaii.  I’m just so comfortable here.

I was driving around the other day and I’m already missing being here and I hate it! There is so much pressure (coming from myself) to enjoy every last second of our time here. Don’t waste any of it. We may never be back in Europe so we need to get all those ‘must-do’ trips out of the way.

I’m trying to not stress out about it and just live. Just enjoy these last few months. I’ve been trying to say ‘yes’ more when it comes to making plans.  I know that when we leave there is still going to be a HUGE list of things that I wanted to do or see or experience but that is going to be okay. I’ve loved all of the amazing things we’ve been able to do so far and moving to Hawaii is going to open up a whole new experience for us.

But damn. I really do miss it already.