Sick day… well, sick afternoon

I am sick.  Wasn’t feeling great this weekend but was hoping I was on the mend.  I made it through half a day of work and then called it quits.  Sore throat, sinus pressure, I was a hot mess and not the most welcoming sight at a reception desk! So home I went.

Of course M had an orthodontist appointment scheduled for today but my husband said he would take her if I just picked her up from school and had her ready at the house. So I go to pick her up and of course, OF COURSE, her appointment is almost the same time as the spelling bee that she happens to be an alternate in. She is not happy. I am feeling like a parenting failure because I didn’t have it marked on the calendar. I don’t even know what an alternate DOES!  Now if she was for sure going to be in it I might have called to cancel the appt (just so they can write bad things in my file and take another 2 months to get another appt) because the winner of the spelling bee gets to go to Germany (with a parent excort! For free!)

Lesson learned: For God’s sake, write EVERYTHING on the calendar! My old brain remembers NOTHING!

Now off to drug myself so I can hopefully function tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Sick day… well, sick afternoon

  1. I have the EXACT same thing going on over here today – except I don’t have any spelling bee alternates to worry about. I just get to loll around all day and peruse the Interwebz. Hope tomorrow’s better for both of us!

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