On Hoarding Seasonal Creamer…

I live on a military base in Spain.  As far as grocery stores go, we have the commissary on the base and numerous Spanish grocery stores off base.  While we do shop at groceries stores off base sometimes (the produce, booze and meat selection is better) it starts to get pretty pricey when you have to pay for everything in Euro.

So for the most part we shop at our commissary. The selection is okay as long as you don’t start getting too adventurous in you cooking.  Its nice, we can get our American brands, which is especially nice around the holidays.

One problem is that seasonal items go quickly, REALLY quickly. So when I FINALLY saw the holiday creamers on the shelf yesterday (doing my third ‘one last thing’ Thanksgiving shop) I grabbed 6. Three pumpkin and three sugar cookie.  Plus I have two vanilla toffee that we just started getting in stock. Also three quarts of eggnog.

I have a problem. The family will drink the eggnog no problem, in fact my kids will drink it with lunch if I let them.  However, I am the only coffee drinker in my house and now have a shit load of coffee creamer that isn’t going to last forever.  So I have been doing what any rational person would do, I am drinking about 8 cups of coffee a day.

Should keep me motivated for all that cooking I am about to do today!

2 thoughts on “On Hoarding Seasonal Creamer…

  1. I do the same thing!!! I have four bottle of peppermint mocha creamer in our outside fridge. We are leaving the island in about sixteen days. What on earth was my plan for all that creamer!?!?! Also, we’ve been out of Greek yogurt for MONTHS. So when I saw it on the shelves last week, I grabbed six packs. Of four each. That’s twenty four dishes of yogurt. Even if I eat one every single day, which I won’t, because it’s gross and I can’t stomach that much of it, I STILL wouldn’t be able to get it gone. What is WRONG with me?!!? I am addicted to stockpiling, and being here has just made it THAT much worse!

    • Your friends will be happy when you donate it to them! I have about thirty assorted half used cleaning products donated by leaving friends… Or else they just think my house REALLY needs it!

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