Baby steps toward Hawaii!

And I mean really baby steps, nothing big.

Last week I took the dog to get his second rabies vaccine so we don’t have to quarantine him when we get to Hawaii.  Next month he’ll have to go back and get blood drawn so it can be sent off and tested, making sure he is totally rabies free. Yay!

Although he had me rethinking taking him this weekend.  I noticed him acting a little funny so I let him outside and walked with him… What does this dummy do? Hork up a pair of my underwear and one of my son’s socks.  And yes barfing them is preferable to an intestinal blockage but dang it, stop eating everything!


The next thing isn’t REALLY even a step, but I had ordered a copy of Oahu Revealed (by Andrew Doughty) I have been having so much fun paging through and planning all of the awesome stuff I am going to be doing soon!

We have a book here in Rota that pretty much everyone uses, it’s called 40 Day Trips from Rota. It is wonderful.  While it doesn’t have as much information, it is so helpful on navigating some of the crazy Spanish roads, towns and customs.  I received my copy when a friend moved but I don’t know if I’ll be able to pay it forward, I want to keep it as a souvenir!


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