Christmas. Christmas. Christmas.

Yes that is all I can think about this moment.

School is over and the presents are all shopped for (and wrapped!) so I can finally start to get into the Christmas spirit. I just haven’t had time before!

So here is my happiness in a cup:

Perfection. Mocha peppermint creamer in my FAVORITE holiday mug with the lights on the tree.

Also I should have posted this earlier in the month to inspire somone else… I saw this online SOMEWHERE last year and just loved it so I had to start this tradition this year.

Christmas Book Advent

The kids get to unwrap a book every night in December and read it.  I ran short of Christmas books and had to hit up the library.  I did order a BUNCH more for them for Christmas so we should be good for next year!  It’s a fun thing to look forward to and they love that they get to open SOMETHING before Christmas. Along with the chocolate advent calendar anyways!

Rum cake ready to be glazed so I’m off, this is just the start to our holiday binge eating!

One thought on “Christmas. Christmas. Christmas.

  1. I finished up with everything Christmas to-do on Monday, so I’ve just been sitting back and enjoying it too. It’s so nice, right?!?!

    Anyways. Love the book Advent, what a great idea! There are so many fun Christmas books too. When we have kids, I’m totally doing that.

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