Getting 2012 started

Well the first day of 2012 turned out to be a beautiful day, the temperature hit the 60s and the sun was shining.  We took Bowser for a walk along with the RC car to a nearby playground with a field attached.  Bowser LOVES chasing anything with wheels; bikes, power wheels, RC cars, the vacuum.  I am actually worried that he is going to try chasing a real car one day and end up getting run over!

Bowser chasing the car across a field

He can *almost* catch the car

Our base has playgrounds all over the place, there are probably 3 within a mile or two not counting the elementary school (which has three).  Ever since Bowser was a puppy we have been taking him to playgrounds and getting him used to walking on the different surfaces and playing on the slides. Now he LOVES going down the slide and will go down repeatedly by himself.

Racing down the slides

Finally when he’s exhausted I can take some pictures of him sitting still!

And of course just some general goofing around on the playground:

Our little corner of the Bay of Cadiz… The Spanish Navy has their ships docked here and any American ships that pull in will pull into a nearby pier.

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