Crazy Dog

So I was going to pick up the kids from school the other day and decided to take Bowser with me for the car ride. I put half the back seat down so he could sit/lie on the seat back … Continue reading

My big puppy

Look who had a birthday!


Bowser at 5 weeks, and at 2 years!

And yes I really did want to throw him a birthday party but resisted! Instead he got some special cookies from the Petco cookie bar, a trip to the dog park and a trip to the store to pick out a couple of new toys. (he is eating the chipmunk as we speak!)

I love this dog, yes, he drives me crazy, but he is my buddy!

Also I love that he is my guard dog during deployment, thank goodness he learned being protective from somewhere because he was NOT like this in Spain!


Out with the old…

So. 2012.

Really you weren’t so bad. Or at least you didn’t start off that way.

January we stayed busy in Spain with Three King’s Day, Puerto Sherry, and eating at my favorite 100 Montaditos.


February was Mckenna’s Rainbow Birthday which was SO much fun to do and a day trip to Vejer de la Frontera.

The 'new' part of the town.

The ‘new’ part of the town.

March brought basketball, homemade hot sauce and a scrapbooking getaway for me.

The girls!

April was a super busy month for us with an ER visit, beach days, Easter, zoo trips, children’s theater, goat farm, hosting my first bunco and FERIA!


May was even MORE feria, Mother’s Day, a trip to the bee farm and a photo session from one of friends!


In June Omar reenlisted in the Navy, I had my going away lunch at work, we celebrated Father’s Day, took a day trip to Portugal, I graduated, and we had our last week in Spain.



July, oh July. We left Spain (and left part of my heart there), moved to Hawaii, saw tragedy in Colorado, went to Hanauma Bay for the first time (of many!), and the kids started school!



In August we finally got to move into our new house, hit up the North Shore, snorkled, got a Harley, and swam with a sea turtle for the first time!



September. My month of woe. We spent some time at Kaneohe Bay, Omar turned 5, and we found out daddy was deploying. Daddy deployed.



October saw more beach days, bird rescues, the end of my football season, a month down of deployment, a port call in Malaysia for Omar, and a great Halloween for the kids.



In November we hit our four month mark of living in Hawaii, Mckenna made it to regionals with her robotics club, we elected Barack Obama for a second term, my husband got older, I got older, I hit my one year blogging anniversary, we hit our 11th wedding anniversary, and the kids and I spent Thanksgiving in California.

One. More. Bite. Of. Pie!

In December we lived through another tragedy, I baked WAY too much, took a million pictures of the kids at the beach, threw a party, and had a wonderful Christmas.


2012 it’s been real. Peace out.

Happy Christmas!

Surprise! We spent Christmas Day the exact same way as everyone else, but I am going to throw some pictures up here anyways!

stockingsChristmas morning, kids were up at 7am (two hours earlier than they have been up all Christmas break!) We do things a little crazy here… Stockings are at the breakfast table and the kids sit and open stockings and we eat breakfast before diving into the present opening. This makes sure mommy has coffee, we aren’t starving and we can relax and enjoy the gift opening. Bowser even got a stocking this year and was very happy with it!

We then had a bunch of this action:



Gift opening is such a traditional family thing. I’ve been talking to some friends this year and it’s really amazing all the different ways that families open their gifts on Christmas morning! I keep all of the gifts hidden, including the ones sent from family, the only gifts under the tree before Christmas were some I had received. Then on Christmas morning there is the big surprise reveal with a mass of gifts all mixed together. Then everyone opens one at a time so we can all ooh and aah over each gift. It can take awhile, especially when we have a big group of our family together. One Christmas it was my mom and dad, two brothers, my sister, my aunt and her two boys, and the four of us. You couldn’t see the floor in my moms living room and we were opening presents for HOURS. But I love it. We get to relax and it isn’t a mad rush of tearing through the gifts in 10 minutes.

Anyways, all of this eventually led up to my gift that Omar had sent me that I was saving for last. I really thought it was a pair of shoes because the box was just the right size:

cameraNope, it’s my new baby girl! I was SO surprised and wish he was here to give it to me in person! I am in LOVE with this camera. Although I am still such a sentimental baby that I can’t give up my Canon quite yet. I have had that camera for FIVE years, we have been, literally, all over the world together! It’s like an extension of my hand! Switching from Canon to Nikon is a little crazy, got to figure this new one out but so far I am having a blast!

We spent some time the rest of the day doing some cookie business, well the kids did anyways while I made a big ol’ dinner just for us.



Dinner was great, well that mac and cheese could have been better. Mckenna got all dressed up and put on some of her new makeup courtesy of Mimi! I got a huge kick out of this dumb little Lego figure I had picked up for Omar’s stocking. You didn’t know which one it was going to be and it ended up being good ol’ Hamlet with poor Yorick. Perfectly suited for a five year old, right? I, however, love it!



We had a really good day with just the three of us. We were missing daddy BIG time though. Glad that this is one more big holiday over and done with and we can cross it off the list! Just counting down the days!



Cranky pants Friday

I don’t know if I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning or if my household is conspiring to drive me crazy.
(I did wake up terribly due to taking NyQuil last night in an effort to drug myself so I wasn’t staying up late, again!)

We are walking out the door actually early-ish and my dog is sitting at the door (remember he is an ANGEL in the house, it’s outside that he turns into an asshole) Well I told Omar let’s go, and Bowser thought I was talking to him and decides to bolt out the door. Fabulous. Now normally it’s no big deal if he’s off leash, he runs around for a few minutes, finds some cat poop to eat, then finally decides to come back when he hears me getting pissed. I really don’t have time to mess with him this morning but thankfully he takes one lap around our grassy area and then runs to the car and hops in. Dumb dog. So I drag him out to take him back into the house and he decides now to lay down and play dead. WILL. NOT. STAND. UP. So I have to put my crap that I am carrying on the ground and pick up my 55lb dog to carry him inside. Oh yes, and of course I am wearing a maxidress today just to put the cherry on top. Uh. So annoying.

So dog is inside, finally, back out to the car where my darlings better be in and buckled. Walk up to the car and Mckenna tells me Omar lost his water bottle. What? In the 15 foot walk from the front door to the car? He keeps it in the side pocket of his backpack because otherwise the condensation gets his papers all wet. Somehow in getting into the car, he knocked it out and it fell into the storm drain. And I’m only parked in front of the damn storm drain because it’s trash day and my normal spot was overtaken by garbage cans. I was SO mad! It was one of those nice stainless steel ones and he’d only had it a couple of weeks after I bought it to replace his OTHER water bottle that disappeared to God knows where.
Thankfully there was a full Dasani in there so he had something to take to school (they have no A/C in the classrooms so they drink water ALL day)

Needless to say, I was very grumpy on the way to school. Omar, of course starts to cry when we are walking to his classroom and I feel like an asshole. It’s just an $8 water bottle. So back to the exchange we will go this weekend for yet another replacement. And no more parking in front of the storm drain for me.

Finally! A REAL Dog Park!

So, we have one happy puppy after finally getting him to the dog park on base.

Our yard is pretty tiny and there isn’t much room for him to run.  So we try to get him up to the park at least every other day to run and get some energy out.

Always on the bottom of the dog pile. What a baby. Don’t worry, he loves every minute of it!





I wish I had taken a better picture of the dog park itself, it’s nice and big and has a separate fenced in area for smaller dogs. Bowser is just happy he can run and run and run.


Even happy to share his water bottle with a friend!



And at the end of an hour he is tired and ready to nap for hours. Perfect!

(Dog Park is located on Radford Drive near Doris Miller subdivision, next to the golf course.)