It’s the Little Things {sunsets and strongbows}

Pretty laid back week around here although we have been awfully busy at work. I’m finally feeling comfortable in my new position and have been rearranging closets and shredding outdated paperwork all week.  I’ve been going through closets and toys at home as well. I went to housing and picked up the key for the other half of our duplex and we are going to use their storage to start sorting through all of our keep/sell/toss stuff so we can move with only stuff we want/need.

Onto my little things to be thankful for:

We went out with my friend Sheree to a quick dinner.  Sunset on the beach, it was perfect timing. Chilly though! I cannot WAIT until summer!

Strongbow cider. My friend Dana introduced me to this at ol’ Molly Malone’s, our local Irish pub.  It is delicious!  While it’s better on tap I was super excited to find it in cans!

One of my FAVORITE things, a three-day weekend!  All of us are off on Monday and we are looking forward to relaxing all weekend long! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends as well!

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