Plaza de Espana, Sevilla, Spain

When my mom came for a visit in September one of our day trips was to Seville or Sevilla (seh-vee-ya).  Sevilla is only about an hour or so from Rota and makes for a great day trip.  I had been wanted to go to the Plaza de Espana for ages and we finally got the chance to go! I tell you, nothing gets you out and about like having people visit you!

Oh this is one of my favorite places… I had no idea how beautiful this building was going to be or how HUGE it was!

Here is some background information on the plaza in case you were interested.

We're here!


We happened to go at a perfect time, there weren’t many people there and we had the chance to take one million pictures!

Even the light posts are beautiful!

There is a little moat/river/waterway between the plaza and the building and you can rent a rowboat for a few Euro… I highly recommend this, it is a LOT of fun… 

We're on a boat!

Oh this girl... she kills me.


Photobomb! He did this about 20 times... I forgive him because he is adorable.


I liked hanging out in the shade under the bridges. It was REALLY hot...


The bridges all had different tile work. So pretty!


Not pictured on our boat ride… constant fighting about WHO got to hold the oars and help row… also complaining about how hot it was and were we done yet…

Time to cool off with some ice cream...

One of the things I love about Spain and Europe in general is how they assume you are not an idiot.  See the railing above? A child could easily fall into the water. But guess what, they assume you will be watching your children! 

(See also: German Zoo missing fences with only plastic strung from post to post, hotel in the Canaries with open window on the fourth floor with no screen or bars, alligator farm with minimal safety measures. Gotta love it)

Happy girl, Mimi let her pick out a fan!

All around the plaza are sections dedicated to each province in Spain.  Of course we had to take pictures in each area that we love!

Cadiz! Home sweet home!

Barcelona, we've been a couple times, I love it there!

Canary Ilands, aka Las Canarias! Go there if you can, we LOVED Tenerife!


A big door mommy, take a picture!


M hanging on one of the bridges...


Fab floors


Mom posing on the steps


I love this type of stone floors... simple idea but lots of hard work!




 Now off to search for something to eat!

4 thoughts on “Plaza de Espana, Sevilla, Spain

    • We really enjoy it here although it seems like people love it or hate it! Great travelling opportunities to the rest of Europe! I hope we get the chance to get back to Europe after our time in the Pacific!

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