Let’s get a little bit rowdy, R-O-W-D-Y!

M is playing her first season of basketball this year.  Honestly I didn’t think she was going to really like it or be that good at it.  Soccer has always been her go-to sport and she had been playing that since she was 4 (3? Don’t remember for sure!) She’s also played a couple of seasons of flag football and really loved it.When she said she wanted to do basketball I was a little hesitant, but only because taking your kids to practices is the worst thing in the world. No exaggeration.  I might be the worst mom ever, but man, I HATE sitting at practice!  It’s always at the worst times and totally throws off dinner time.  And then there is never anyone else to talk to there and if I am going to sit and read a book I would much rather do it on my couch than sitting on a bleacher! BUT, the basketball court is about 5 minutes away from my house so I figured I could always run home if I needed to.

My personal laziness aside, she is LOVING basketball! Her and the other girl on the team are playing really well together and are quite the powerhouse duo! Here are some pics from her first game this morning.

The girls!



Playing a little D.


She chose #13 and said she was going to make it lucky again. Love it!




Friday Photo Dump

LOVES this helmet.


Pretty curl.


The ol' hide in the laundry basket until the dog pulls it off of you game...


Super jumpy dog!


Out flying a kite.

Fun for about 15 minutes until it crashed onto the roof.


Smarty pants.