So our Easter Egg hunt was rained out so we decided to go run around town…


First stop: Lunch. We grabbed kebabs in El Puerto.



M was journaling our day...


Yum. Shawarma Kebab!


Fries with kebab meat and sauce. I did share these with the whole family. They weren't just for me!

Then off to do some shopping at Decathlon. We actually came home empty handed because we were looking to buy a ripstick. We are all a bit obsessed with riding M’s right now. The ones they had were super pricey so we’ll probably just order from Amazon.


But if there is ANYTHING you could ever need, it would be here. They have EVERY sport imaginable.


Horse tack, just in case.


I don't even know what Padel is... It's not raquetball and it's not tennis.




So we came away empty handed today but I think I want to go back because they had some super cute swimsuits out. Hope you had a wonderful Saturday!


Really? NOW it’s going to rain!

Well we are finally getting some rain after a pretty dry winter. It’s a nice change from the crazy winds we’ve been getting (levantes). We really, really, really do need the rain because it doesn’t rain from about May to September and the┬áreservoirs┬áneed to get filled up.

But it couldn’t have come at a worse time!

Today is our big base wide Easter Egg Extravaganza and it was cancelled due to a thunderstorm warning.

The kids are disappointed but with a thunderstorm warning in effect there really isn’t anything anyone can do about it. We are hoping to reschedule it for next weekend. It’s only a pain for me because I was going to be working it so I got up early on a Saturday!

And of course everyone is just mad because it was cancelled, no matter that it was for safety reasons. Oh well you just can’t make some people happy! Meanwhile after cleaning everything up and packing it all away I got to come home earlier than I thought which was nice. Now I am going to have to try to motivate myself to get some stuff done today instead of enjoying the rain from my couch with a cup of coffee!