A not so sucky Monday

Well it started out pretty sucky.  Monday mornings are the worst because M is on the student council at school that meets an hour before school starts. An hour early. On a Monday. Worst idea ever. But because my lovely daughter must participate in Every. Activity. EVER! I indulge her and drag my butt out of bed a little early on Mondays.


This Monday was also our first Daylight Savings/Spring Ahead Monday. (Spain sprung ahead two weeks after the states).

This morning didn’t go too well. Shocker I was running behind (story of my life). But I finally got my daughter ready (with the best lunch EVER! Homemade pizza lunchables) and at the door waiting for daddy to come home from PT to take her to school. (I reeeeeaaaallly don’t feel like having to get O up and ready early to drive M to school. Don’t judge me.) Well daddy is running late but finally gets there, I manage to get out of the house and to work on time.

Work=super chaos. Training a new front desk clerk and there are just too many people in my space.

Busy Monday at work and I ended up leaving for lunch 40 minutes late.

Finally get home and pull into the driveway and see my hubby and O playing frisbee in the front yard. M and I join them. M’s first throw? Frisbee on the roof. I couldn’t stop laughing. Of course. I don’t feel like starting dinner right away so I take the kids and the dog on a walk to the fruit man (Manolo who sells fruit from his van- seriously it’s not as shady as it seems. He also sells booze. I love him.) Come back, play a little more frisbee and this time I manage to throw it into a palm tree. (In my defense it has been SUPER windy and the wind just took that bad boy away.) With some ingenuity in the form of two broom handles zip-tied together manned by M on her daddy’s shoulders, we managed to get it free.

STILL didn’t feel like making dinner when we came inside so I decided to get the kids to do a quicky craft project, pinecone bird feeders. Pine cones, peanut butter and birdseed. It took five minutes, they had a great time and the bird feeders are hanging waiting for birds. I am not even sure that they will last the night with the way the wind is still blowing out there.

I REALLY wanted to go out for dinner tonight but hubby was wiped out from the time change/early PT so I made the easiest dinner ever, kielbasa, sauteed cabbage and rice pilaf. Done.

After dinner the kids flipped through old scrapbooks which reminds me of how happy I am that I make the damn things and then off to bed for them. I made a new batch of granola bites for M’s lunch this week – chocolate chip, marshmallow, walnut. We finally got those little mini marshmallow’s in a shaker. So excited for this batch!

So the not so fabulous Monday morning ended up turning into a pretty great evening. Plus I have a day date planned out for Sunday, going to go see The Hunger Games. Can’t wait!

2 thoughts on “A not so sucky Monday

  1. Wow! You sound like a great mom. I can’t believe you just whipped up the idea of pinecone bird seed crafts just like that and even after a long day working and when you were tired. I have a daughter in student council so I know about having to get up early for that . It takes dedication of the one driving!! And still you cooked dinner and played frisbee. My goodneess!! I’m inspired to do more now!

    • Let’s just say it was not a normal evening! I’m not proud of the fact that there are MANY nights that are spent with me riding the couch online!

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