Better mood…

Okay. Hotel is officially booked. I am feeling MUCH better with that major step out of the way. Now we at least have somewhere to stay in downtown Waikiki. My husband might have a bit of a drive to work but hey, at least the kids and I will have something to do all day!

Now I need to focus on getting some closets cleaned out and getting rid of the clutter that has accumulated over the past four years. One good thing an overseas move is good for is helping to declutter your house! I was ruthless when we came over here and it felt great. Of course we still have random boxes of ‘stuff’ that haven’t been looked into since we came. But it’s that stuff that we can’t really let go. High school stuff, old pictures, our boxes and boxes of pet supplies (did I mention we met at a pet store?), just stuff that has sentimental value or that we will use one day. I would like to have that stuff more organized than it is now.  Also, all of our winter clothes, what the heck am I going to do with those? While we don’t have a ton, we do have lots of jackets. I guess I’m just going to hold onto them and hope they are still in style in 3 years!

Trying to get back to writing more this week, when I am stressed out this is the first thing to suffer!

Moving is slowly killing me

Moving from Spain to Hawaii is a pain in the ass. I know I shouldn’t be complaining, that yes we are  moving from one dream vacation spot to another, but I still get to complain!

First off is the dog, my baby. We still aren’t 100% sure we are going to be able to fly with him in July. Many airlines have a summer heat embargo that prevents pets from flying in the cargo hold. On top of that, he is a snub-nosed dog which has a further set of restrictions.  We have some papers we received from the travel place on base that say that the heat embargo is waived with PCS orders. But I am not believing anything anyone tells me right now with out confirmation from the airline. I don’t want to get to Madrid and have someone tell me I can’t put my dog on the airplane. What the hell would we do then???

Second, finding temporary lodging. We only get a set amount reimbursed from the military for a hotel each day and finding one under that is almost impossible. Add in parking and wifi and taxes and pet fees and we are coming out of pocket for quite a bit.  I am looking for someone on the island who pet sits so we can have the dog stay there instead of in a hotel.  (Okay while we *could* find a cheaper hotel, I don’t want to stay in a shady area. If I am going to be in a hotel for 4+ weeks I want it to be in an area where the kids and I can walk to things, so I am focusing on Waikiki.)

Thirdly: HOUSING! Holy crap is the base housing wait list long! 2-4 months! I am looking for something off base, preferably in Mililani, preferably 4 bedroom, and is pet friendly. Oh and is under $2500/month. Pretty much dreaming the impossible dream over here.

Adding onto that the kids will be starting school when we still be in temporary housing so how the heck do I decide where to enroll them? I am REALLY looking forward to living in Hawaii and I know I am going to LOVE it. I am not, however, looking forward to the transition period of the next few months. It’s going to suck.

Stressful week so I am venting. My dog acted like he was dying, impromptu girls sleepover tonight, went to see a slightly disappointing Mirror, Mirror at the drive in, and I’ve spent too many hours today researching hotels.

Let me go to sleep so I am not a zombie in the morning!