The dreaded closet clean out

So over the holiday weekend I decided to FINALLY delve into my horrible closets and start cleaning them out. I am a hider-of-things-in-the-closet. The house may be picked up but that is because I just toss it all behind closed doors.

Also pulled out all the kiddos summer clothes and packed up the winter stuff. We have way too many winter coats, hoodies and sweaters, especially since the kids may not ever wear this stuff again.

Now I have a giant pile of crap in the middle of the living room that I am trying to get rid of. It’s getting smaller but pretty soon the rest of it is going to go right to the thrift store.  Hopefully. I kind of have a hard time finishing projects that I start. I wouldn’t be surprised if a week or two from now my husband is tripping over stacks of old DVDs, outgrown clothing and baby toys wondering when the hell I am going to get rid of the rest of it…

So feeling a bit more ready house-wise. Of course there are still hurdles to jump through. I am the last one to get all my medical screening stuff signed off. Dental is tomorrow and then I should be done. Of course I’ll probably have a cavity, my teeth are the worst!

Also, took my dog back to the vet today. He has been acting funky for a couple of weeks. Vomiting, not himself. The first visit didn’t take care of the problem, so back he went for a blood draw and I have to drop him off tomorrow so he can do a contrast x-ray in case he decided to eat another pair of my underwear and they are stuck somewhere.

I feel like with every box I check off I have another and the stress level is never ending! I am just ready to be LIVING in Hawaii! The packing/moving/hotel part I could skip over! Done complaining. For now.

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2 thoughts on “The dreaded closet clean out

  1. I am the queen of putting off projects. My dining room table is the catch-all of everything that I don’t know what to do with and is completely covered with so much useless crap. It’s gotten really bad and I really need to dedicate an entire day to just fixing the problem. This will probably never happen.

    • Yeah, that is me! My kids playroom (which is also my craft room!) is a DISASTER! I’ll probably wait until the day before the movers come to do something about it!

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