Advice needed from my moving military mommas

So doing the express shipment this week and I’m trying to figure out what to pack. Have an idea of some basics, but I would love to hear some advice about what you needed/didn’t need and what were kicking yourself for not packing!

Our situation:

We are doing our express shipment/unaccompanied baggage shipment first, HHG pack out last. We are doing this on the *very* slim chance that we’ll actually get a house within two months. So we’ll need household stuff, kitchen stuff, things so that we can live in an empty house (although hopefully we can get loaner furniture)

So all my seasoned travelers, what to bring??

It’s The Little Things: {Faro & Farewells}

Yay, one of my favorite link ups is back, Lindsey from Hello Hue!

Here are my little things that made me smile this week:

Finally getting to Portugal! We took a day trip to Faro, which is right over the border from Spain. Had a wonderful family day together and enjoyed some beautiful weather!

{smooching my hubby in Faro…}

I also enjoyed a wonderful lunch out with my coworkers this week. Today was my last day of work and it was very sad. I HATE goodbyes, and thankfully could put some of them off because I’ll be stopping back in but it sucks! Some of the Spanish friends I have made are some of the funnest people I know and I will miss them dearly! So instead of adios, I am saying hasta luego. I hope I will see them again someday.

Two. More. Weeks! I can’t believe we are so close to leaving! I am trying not to have a panic attack because looking at my house, it is impossible to imagine that we are really packing out soon!

Hello Hue Little Things