Boxer lurve…

And he’s the one who swears he doesn’t even like the dog. Please.

We have SUCH a great dog. I don’t know if we just got lucky or what.  We know the people who have his brother and their dog is out of control.  Bowser may dig a hole every now and again but other than that (oh and that time when he chewed the leg off of one of Mckenna’s Monster High dolls) he is SO good.  He loves the kids, he barks and growls when there are strangers in our yard, he gets along great with other kids and dogs.

He is my shadow pretty much all day when I am home. Today the internet was out most of the morning (horror of horrors) so I actually had to clean my house. He just marches with me as I was walking from room to room, napping on the kitchen floor near me while I did the dishes.

Anytime people ask, I gush about this breed, they are very high energy, don’t get me wrong, but he has been a wonderful addition to our family.  I love this crazy dog!