One Week.

One week until we move!

Today my husband came home from work and we had the pleasure of detailing our car. In the 90 degree heat. Blech. We were planning on taking it somewhere to get done but they weren’t able to do it when we needed it, PLUS they wanted to keep it overnight. No thanks. So instead he cleaned the engine/under the hood while I did the inside of the car including shampooing the carpets and floor mats. Tomorrow we’ll get to the outside. The joys of shipping a vehicle.

Other than that I have been procrastinating on getting other stuff done. I really need to get all the suitcases down and start packing clothes. Also have a few more things I’d like to try to sell on our online yard sale page. Tomorrow. (everything is tomorrow!)

Now off to beat my family down in Mario Party 9… or at least try to come in second. 

Happy Monday!