We made it!

Love it so far, haven’t had as much time as I would like to actually play and enjoy Hawaii! MOVING here is a pain in the butt! There has been a ton of checking in, finding our way around, getting the dog situated, getting a house, etc, etc….

We did get to spend the 4th of July on Waikiki Beach.


The kids loved the great fireworks show the city put on, Mckenna was out playing in the water until almost 8pm when we finally couldn’t tell which child she was and needed to come dry off. It was great to be back in the US for the 4th!


Super happy to have a real cell phone again (yay!) and will be moving into a house at the end of the month (double yay!) and have to find time to get a new license (boo!)

Preview of the new casa!


More to come!


One thought on “We made it!

  1. Glad you guys made it to Hawaii! What a wonderful place to spend 4th of July! I spent 3 months in Hawaii while the sub that my husband was attached to at the time was in dry dock. It was a beautiful place. I’m sure you guys will love it!

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