Hotel Living

I am officially over living out of a hotel room. One week, that’s all it took.  Plus we’ve been lucky because I’ve been dropping Omar off at work then running around with the kids so we aren’t stuck in here all day. But man, it sure didn’t take long for me to miss cooking. And dressers. And a bedroom door between me and my children.  We moved from our hotel right smack dab in the middle of Waikiki to one right near the base. Our temporary housing allowance was getting cut off because we refused a house to wait for the house we really wanted, and that means we have to start paying out of pocket for a hotel. So goodbye beach hotel, hello cheap hotel. I’m not complaining, it’s clean, has wifi in the rooms, a pool and is SUPER close to the base.

We did have some delicious Chinese food for dinner tonight. Let me just tell you that Chinese food in Europe? Is not what you are used to, we got used to it over there but man was it so good to have our unauthentic American Chinese food again!

Also Cinnabon for breakfast (yes I know I will soon be 200lbs). Little Omar said to me “Mom, you need to learn how to make cinnamon rolls like these!” Honey I am sorry, the closest you will get will be from the tube. I haven’t had the patience to make yeast breads in forever.

It’s been pretty fun taking Omar out to eat everywhere, it’s all a first for him. First Cinnabon, first Taco Bell, second time at Popeye’s (the first was in Germany of all places!) Although I did almost disown him for saying he didn’t like the cheddar bay biscuits at Red Lobster (and yes we are planning on hitting up EVERY SINGLE chain restaurant on island!)

Found out which school my kids are going to. Not 100% happy with it. I can change it to another school but I am not sure how much of a pain in the butt that will be or even if they will approve it.  I hate the way they draw district lines. We end up going to a school that is across a highway instead of the one that my daughter could ride her bike to.

I think we are going to explore the beach on Hickam tomorrow since it’s just up the road. I’ve heard that it’s nice. I’m still kicking myself for not packing my snorkel stuff. I’m trying not to buy more but I don’t know if I can wait until our stuff gets here in September!

The end of the month can not get here soon enough, I am ready for a house!

2 thoughts on “Hotel Living

  1. Hey! Aloha, I hadn’t realized you were here already. I like Hickam beach all right. We got spoiled by the amazing beach on base in Guam and my bestie who moved from there to here with me won’t go to Hickam because of it, but it’s got sand, it’s got water…not sure what else she’s looking for. Nice roped off swim area, lifeguards, a pile of gravel for my boys to play with…we go a lot. We’re actually doing swim lessons this week and next, but not on Fridays…maybe we could meet up out there? Is that too weird?

    Anyway. I saw your pic of the house you’re waiting for, what neighborhood? Do I seem like a stalker? I live on Ford Island and we go to Pearl Harbor Kai. I like it well enough. I was going to send them to Our Savior Lutheran over by the Pearl Ridge Mall (sort of) but for seven hundred bucks a month, I was NOT impressed with the rooms and the principal weirded me out. So that’s my story about all that. I loved the kindergarten teacher we had and I pray every night that my son gets her this year. But it’s easy for me to sort of brush everything off, because we knew we were only going to be here for a year, you know? Two semesters for my daughter, one for my son. So even if PHK sucks and I just haven’t realized it, I figure that’s not enough time for any real damage.

    Anyway. Let me know if you need anything. My email is jenn dot engelbrecht at gmail dot com. You know I don’t work and I don’t really have any hobbies, so I’m sort of always available if you need a hand.

    • No not stalkerish at all considering I was thinking of driving around Ford Island trying to find where you live. J/K. Sort of… We are moving into Radford, my kids are supposed to be going to Shafter Elementary but I think I am going to try to get them into Aliamanu instead.
      I’ll send an email your way, I would love to meet up!

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