Keeping busy

We’ve been trying to keep busy the past couple of days. The more time we spend out of the hotel room the better, the kids are ready to kill each other. Our pool at our hotel is fine, but it gets really crowded sometimes and the kids are crazy! The sad thing is, most of them are military kids!

I found this lighthouse (?) while driving around getting lost on Hickam, it’s right next to the elementary school. I don’t know what it is there for but it looks really cool.

Today at the Pearl pool… Both kids were bored within an hour so we decided to take off and find something else to do.  They are so spoiled from going to the Rota pool and knowing EVERYONE there. Being the new kid sucks and not knowing anyone sucks, too. I get it! I have no friends here either!

So we found our way over to the beach on hickam. (A detour here and there to get there, my plan of attack, just follow along the water!) It’s not huge but the water was beautiful!  Mckenna was SUPER disappointed that she couldn’t go out on a paddle board by herself. We’ll have to go back with daddy so we can double up.  I’m still dying to try it.

Mckenna is miserable here.

So am I. Life is rough.

What a hideous place to live. I don’t know how I am going to last 3 years.

Also, I am lucky enough to have gotten a sunburn on the tops of my thighs. hooray!

2 thoughts on “Keeping busy

  1. your pictures of your Hawaii adventure are beautiful. I found your blog after you left me a comment on We’re getting stationed in Pearl Harbor and will be there March 2013. Looking at your pictures makes me wish I was there right now enjoying the island 🙂

    • We have really enjoyed our first month here! There is SO much to do and the entire island is just beautiful! Let me know if you have any questions!

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