…And in with the New.

So it’s that time, New Year’s Resolution time. I haven’t actually made any for a few years now because I never succeed and then get depressed. But these are just some things I would like to work toward this year and even if I improve just a little bit, that is better than none!

So here is my 13 for ’13…

    1. Eating. I really want to continue to improve what I eat. This deployment and the holidays sent me totally off track, and I would like to get back to eating Paleo or clean or whatever you want to call it. Eating real food, no diet, no restrictions, just real food. As someone said, if your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize it, you shouldn’t be eating it. Although for me I would also like to eliminate most if not all of the sugar and dairy.
    2. Exercise. I am not committing to anything crazy but I would love to get back into running. I don’t know if I need to do C25K again or just get my butt on the treadmill. Football is great but I want to be doing something else as well.
    3. Organization. My mom got me the fabulous organizer I wanted for Christmas (Erin Condren life planner!) and I would really like to be less scatterbrained. It’s very frustrating to me that my memory isn’t what it used to be and I’m juggling a lot of commitments right now. I want to be on top of things instead of a step behind!
    4. The house. Making it a home. That means getting the rest of the boxes unpacked and getting rid of the excess clutter. I want my husband to come home and be comfortable and be able to find what he needs! Watching hoarders is a great motivator and I heard something on there that resonated with me: You aren’t honoring your belongings if they are just shoved unused somewhere. If I am not using it, I don’t need it.
    5. Job. I want a job. I really miss working and have been trying to find something that will work for me as well as something I would really love to do. Trying to work around the kids schedules is a challenge as well!
    6. Internet. I would like to cut down the time I am online. I spend more time than necessary because I am bored/lonely/addicted.
    7. Blogging. While this goes hand in hand with #6 I would like to keep up to 3-4 times a week. When I did my 2012 recap post I had such a great time looking over the past year and I am so glad that I started blogging as a way to journal that.
    8. Kiddos. Without a doubt I can improve my parenting. I have been frustrated and impatient and taken it out on them. So more patience, less yelling. That is my goal here!
    9. Cooking. More new recipes! I am actually pretty good about this, I’ve been trying to cook some of the many, many things I’ve pinned on Pinterest. I would like some new items to add to my staple recipes as well as try to make more of the snacks my kids eat from scratch. (Love this book:The Homemade Pantry: 101 Foods You Can Stop Buying and Start Making)
    10. Keeping in Touch. I am terrible with this and am the worst when it comes to really staying in contact with my friends from the past and present, and family! I am really going to try to reach out more and keep those relationships up because I really do have some awesome friends.
    11. Photography. More pictures! Every day use my camera if possible. I don’t think I will ever regret the pictures I do take, only the pictures I don’t. Also improve in my photography, take a class if I can and get better when it comes to editing.
    12. My husband. I want to keep supporting him as he carries out his mission. I want him to always feel like he has a supporter in his corner and a family and wife who are always thinking about him. So this means keep the emails, facebook messages, cards and packages going… I want to overwhelm him with love!
    13. Me. Specifically my attitude. I have a tendency to be a little bit distant and sarcastic but that is pretty much because I am a giant ball of insecurity! I want to open up more and be me, but better.

So come on 2013

One thought on “…And in with the New.

  1. Good for YOU, Reb! Your resolutions are well thought out and practical… I like what you have to say. I began yesterday with leg lifts – too funny, but last year, Nel and I decided to do them every night… a little stretching and it’s clear sailing for a good night’s sleep! Love you, Mom

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