Don’t let me out in public

Another normal Thursday night, ran Mckenna to soccer practice and decided to take Omar for a quick haircut at the barber shop on base. School pictures tomorrow, don’t want him looking crazy.

Get to the barbershop in the mini mart, only a few people waiting, awesome. That never happens.

Time goes by, we are next in line, I am ready to shove Omar into the next unoccupied seat when the lady gestures at the guy sitting next to me.

I pipe up, ‘oh my son was next’ and the lady gestures to the Uniform Personnel Priority sign. Yeah, the guy sitting next to me was in uniform and was totally exercising his head of the line privilege. Something I am aware of. Something I encourage and see ALL of the time. 

I was mortified.

I apologized and told him to go ahead, I wasn’t thinking, I was so sorry, etc, etc… And then he was like go ahead, he’s on duty and was in no hurry to get back. In all honesty I just wanted to walk out of there because I was so embarrassed.

So Omar sat down and got his cut and the entire time my cheeks were FLAMING!

So. Yeah, hopefully I won’t be cutting in front of any active duty military in line any time soon…


5 thoughts on “Don’t let me out in public

  1. OMGosh I totally understand that feeling! Don’t be so hard on yourself though. Most places have specific hours for such things. I think Hawaii is the first place I’ve lived where it’s sorta open ended. That’s sometimes hard to honor when you are sitting at the pharmacy on Hickam with a sick little guy next to you watching all of those in uniform push you to the back of the line.

  2. You can never be as embarrassed as we were going through the gate at Ft. Story on vacation and I said, Hey, you guys, aren’t you going to salute? (Meaning, MY boys – Cedric and Camden because I taught them always to salute the guards.) BUT the guards thought I meant for THEM to salute Dad – their superior officer – AND they did…. die, just wanted TO DIE! Love you, Reb!

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