Trouble in Paradise

It’s not all aloha here in Hawaii. Unfortunately I had to deal with that last night. Someone broke into my car and swiped my GPS.

Theft is one of the downside to living here. There are a lot of cars broken into, items stolen from porches, bags swiped at the beach, you get the idea. I have been pretty conscious about what I leave in my car and house security. The only thing in my car worth taking was my gps, I don’t even keep a garage door opening in there because I don’t want someone to break into my car and then be able to break into my house.

It just sucks to have your stuff stolen and I’ve probably been lucky that this is the first time I ever remember having something stolen and having to file a police report. Seriously, I was SO nervous to dial 911! Honolulu PD doesn’t have a non-emergency line…

Also having your car alarm go off at almost 11pm is not good for your heart. I ignored it for a few seconds then got up and peeked out my window and saw it was MY car… run downstairs to grab the keys and call security to have them walk to my car with me. I should have just called HPD then but honestly I didn’t really think someone had done anything, maybe kids bumping it or something? I don’t know. I wasn’t thinking I guess. Security came and walked me out to the car and after checking inside see my gps is missing (it was in the center console)… Sucks for me, now I am gps-less and this island has some tricky spots!

What also sucks is the fact that I normally park right in front of my house under a street light, last night there was someone in my spot so I parked across the street in a shadowing dark parking spot. Both the security guy and one of the police officers mentioned that they always see my car parked in that same spot in front of my house. Guess it was the wrong day to change up parking places!


OMG, I think I found my stolen GPS on craigslist! I can’t wait to call the police tomorrow. I am 95% certain it’s mine.

5 thoughts on “Trouble in Paradise

  1. That sucks, I’m so sorry!! I hope it IS your GPS. Idiots. Theft was just a part of life in Guam, it was expected and just not a big deal. We lost THREE generators to those guys! But I guess since we lived on Ford Island, I never really knew it was happening in Hawaii. Are the police helpful? Will they so anything to get that one on Craigslist?

  2. That sucks! I thought you lived on base? If you do I’d call the MPs PDQ. I park my car in the garage when we’re home & never leave mine open, we have neighbors who ALWAYS leave their garage door open. I don’t get that.

    I drive a lot downtown. I need to start hiding my GPS more. Although it is a base model, I wouldn’t be too upset if it got stolen…hubby has a much nicer one that he never uses!!

    • We live in military housing but it is off base and not behind a gate… I am pretty careful but they got me! My husband’s is built into his car so I can’t ‘borrow’ it!

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