Dinner Al Fresco

DSC_0340So the other night I suggest we eat dinner outside. The kids jumped right on it. We NEVER eat out on our lanai and it’s a shame. Unfortunately I am SO unhappy with my backyard/lanai that I just don’t use it like I would like. I canNOT grow grass… The green you see up there? Mostly weeds and some groundcover. The red dirt is everywhere and Bowser tracks it up on the cement lanai and makes it all dirty and when he runs back and forth the dirt gets all over the and chairs so I have to hose them off. (First world problems, amiright?) We I finally decided it was going to be worth it, I made a delicious pesto chicken dinner, Mckenna cleaned off the patio furniture and set the table, and we had a nice relaxing meal out there. Well until Bowser realized that now everyone’s food was at eye level for the first time (we eat at a counter height table). I even enjoyed a cup of coffee out there when was over, the lanai is great, there is even a ceiling fan. If I could only grow grass I would be a happy camper!

(Also citronella candles, those mosquitoes were annoying!)


2 thoughts on “Dinner Al Fresco

  1. I remember that red dirt and lack of grass! We lived Hawaii back in 2010 time, thankfully we didn’t have a dog but my oldest and his friends were always, always tracking that mud in the house. I had dozens of rugs in and outside the doors to help stop their tracks. But the lanai, girl that’s where it’s at. I have the best memories on that back porch. Keep enjoying dinner out there with your LO and your coffee 🙂

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