Mariner’s Ridge

This was a GREAT hike… It was Omar’s very first hike in Hawaii. We hadn’t had the chance before he deployed and I had hiked plenty while he was gone… but I finally got to drag him with me! DSC_0005This is a beginner/intermediate hike. Not too challenging but a good workout. Mariner’s Ridge is on private property and once again this is technically trespassing on Kamehameha Land. When we left we did see an officer ticketing illegally parked cars but he didn’t say one word to us.

First break point… the girl was already asking how long this was going to take… She usually loves hiking but wasn’t digging this one. I think she like valley hikes instead of ridgeline ones so she isn’t so hot. Omar is looking super stoked to be on a mountain.DSC_0006

It was pretty crazy how much the landscape changed as we walked up the ridge, it was grassy, then shaded by ironwood trees, then rocky.



Finally made it to the top. Can NOT beat these views as a reward.DSC_0013a


Snack time!DSC_0027a



It was then time to hit up the Hawaii Kai Costco (that’s the nicest one on island I swear) for some pizza and to grab some steaks for dinner. Heck yes. Happy Hiking!

11 thoughts on “Mariner’s Ridge

  1. Love those fluff bottoms! hey, you could always join the farmers market crowd and SELL eggs one day… organic at five bucks a dozen.
    Fluffbottoms’ Treasures could be your company. LOL….

  2. This looks like, angry tween and all (and trust me, I’m a middle school teacher so I know all about that)! How lucky you are to live within a short distance of that beckoning blue water + mountain side! There are great hiking trails where I live in Taiwan but they are ruined for me by the huge warning signs at the entrances regarding all the poisonous snakes, spiders, bees, etc. that can be found up the trail :/

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