Maui Ocean Center

DSC_0003aAs an aquarium junkie I was in HEAVEN at the Maui Ocean Center. Omar and I have had numerous saltwater fish tanks, we love to snorkel and will stop at any fish store we see. We are fish nerds.

Secondly I LOVE the philosophy of the Maui Ocean Center. Maui County does not allow marine mammals to be kept in captivity so you won’t see any seals in tiny tanks, dolphin shows, or anything else like that. Some people might be disappointed by that but I thought it was awesome. (The Waikiki Aquarium has the saddest monk seal ever penned up in a tiny pool by itself). The other cool thing is that all the fish are wild caught and then returned to the ocean after being used in the exhibits. So all those fish you see (and sharks!) are only taking a really boring vacation before being sent back out to the big ocean.



Oh and the baby turtles were so. stinkin’. cute. I just wanted to steal one and bring it home with me. Hello cute baby!DSC_0020


Mckenna making friends with a big ray. They were all over the tunnel it was awesome.DSC_0028


Oh the touch tank was great too! I really want to make a shout out to the incredible employee who let my kids pet a ton of stuff and let me talk her ear off forever. She was enthusiastic and friendly and everyone should love their job that much! We also got to meet this insane trigger fish, pictured below. This fish kept jumping out of the water, over and over. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen. DSC_0039






Family pic! Thanks for another sweet employee telling me to go get in the picture instead of taking one of everyone else.DSC_0024


Maui Ocean Center has a great military or kama’aina discount!



5 thoughts on “Maui Ocean Center

  1. We have a family picture in the exact same spot! Ha! Iliana loved this aquarium too. I loved the giant tank with the sting rays and sharks, so cool!

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