Molokini Crater

This was another experience that I just could not wait to do. We booked the Molokini and Turtle Arches snorkel trip with Pacific Whale Foundation.

Molokini looks BEAUTIFUL! It is a sunken volcanic crater, one of only a few in the world. Could not wait to do this snorkel trip!


(I did not take this picture, stolen from But Molokini is beautiful!

We had to wake up extra early to have time to get ready, make the 20 minute drive there and check in before the boat leaves at 7am. (WAY too early)

Well at 6am I felt sick to my stomach all of a sudden and had to throw up. I felt fine before that and fine after so it had to be a fluke thing. Omar offered to cancel the whole thing but there was no way, we already booked and paid and there were no other dates we could do it. Driving to the harbor I felt okay, we were running late at that point so I was super stressed about that. We check in in a rush and get to the boat alright.

 photo DSCF4457_zpsf2e11c25.jpg


We get underway and once again I am not feeling so hot. As long as I am sitting in the back with wind in my face looking at the horizon I am okay. Food? Oh God no. It’s pretty choppy out on the water but we make good time and we are the first boat out to the crater.

 photo DSCF4458a_zps7a26ed98.jpg

I wasn’t feeling great but there was no way I was passing this opportunity up. It was still pretty choppy even with the protection of the crater so the boys decided to sit this one out. Into the water Mckenna and I went.

 photo DSCF4462a_zpsa8388f17.jpg

I actually felt okay while snorkeling which is good. The water clarity was amazing, you could see straight down to the coral floor and there were hundreds of fish swimming around.

 photo DSCF4464a_zps6f1fc798.jpg
 photo DSCF4465a_zps819582ad.jpg

We get out after checking out the zillions of black triggerfish and the boat leaves not long after that. We had to skip the Turtle Arches portion and head to a different dive spot that wasn’t so rough. I was bummed about that because I wanted to see some turtles! The ride over was rough, I was hanging with all the seasick people just feeling like I was about to die. I did see some whales spouting as we rode along and there were some whales doing something on the other side of the ship but at that point I didn’t care. I wanted to sit in one spot and not move ever again.

 photo IMG_0220_zps1a5ac103.jpg
(This is me, dying.)

At least the view was nice?

 photo DSCF4471_zps6cf7bc8c.jpg

At the next spot everyone but me hopped in and had a great time. I think they even got to see a turtle.

 photo DSCF4472_zpsbf1fb28f.jpg

 photo IMG_0228_zps810a7818.jpg

And that is the extent of my pictures for the entire day. What a bummer. On the ride home my husband stopped at the store and got me Sprite, saltines and Pepto. The rest of the day I laid up in bed dying while the rest of my family enjoyed the pool. The next day I was feeling a little bit better and could actually venture out of the hotel room to go watch the Redskins play at a sports bar/restaurant next door. I thought the rest of the family was safe until the middle of that night, little Omar started throwing up, too. What a way to remember your Maui vacation. A stomach virus. (Thank you Westin for the clean bed linens at 2am. I am forever grateful!) Thank goodness we were flying back home the next day so we could recuperate, oh yeah and get ready for Christmas that was in 2 days!

2 thoughts on “Molokini Crater

  1. All in all, great photos – so cool to see Mckenna and little Omar snorkeling – sweet! Wind your face – you had the ticket… i can’t handle the flu, either… yuck!

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