Kuli’ou’ou Ridge

Yes. All I do in Hawaii is hike apparently. But I have to say the opportunities are awesome! I love ridgeline hikes. The views at the end are spectacular and I love walking on a ridge feeling like you are balancing on the top of the world.

Kuli’ou’ou wasn’t even on my radar, fortunately I got an invite to tag along with a friend with a hiking group of hers. Yes please! We had a pretty fun group of ladies.

 photo IMG_0024_zps6a826752.jpg

This hike had some pretty cool vantage points as you wind your way up.

 photo IMG_0025_zps3665c123.jpg

Tons of trees which are nice and shady but the pine needles make it pretty tricky to find the trail sometimes and are slippery when coming up/down.

 photo IMG_0027_zpsef8136f5.jpg

 photo IMG_0028_zps0039c2a9.jpg

And it is always fun hiking with some good girlfriends.

 photo IMG_0032_zpsa9e6ae25.jpg

Can not beat these views:
 photo IMG_0044_zps4a6e366d.jpg

 photo IMG_0043_zps8d6be80b.jpg

 photo IMG_0058_zpsfc07f4fb.jpg

This is the halfway point, where I am still smiling.
 photo IMG_0040_zps1af88716.jpg
After this there are stairs. LOTS of stairs. When you think you are done with the stairs, there are MORE stairs! While it’s not as bad as Koko Head it is a heck of a leg workout.

Also geology is awesome. These two pictures were taken right next to each other.
 photo IMG_0033_zpsf4af9cb3.jpg
 photo IMG_0034_zps00e4a249.jpg

We made it!
 photo IMG_0047_zpsc542b345.jpg
(And yes people do continue to hike way past this sign. It looks crazy dangerous.)

 photo IMG_0050_zpsd0440bb9.jpg

 photo IMG_0051_zps887a2ec6.jpg

I wouldn’t say this hike is kid friendly, it was a serious workout the second half. There is a picnic table under a shelter that marks the halfway-ish point. It would be a good turnaround for novice hikers. If you are looking for nature’s stairmaster, this is a good one!

2 thoughts on “Kuli’ou’ou Ridge

  1. I love your blog and have to tell you that you appear to be a wonderful military wife! I was a military wife for 20 years and loved every minute of it. We were stationed in Hawaii twice and it is still my favorite place. Went back last year for a visit. Big changes but still love it. I can tell you are a wonderful support to your husband and am glad to hear of someone who really seems to enjoy that way of life!

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