Disney Cruise – Bon Voyage to Tunisia

(Okay, I am about to bore you with some OLD vacation photos. These are pre-blogging but we had some great trips and I would love to document them.)

We took an awesome, amazing, incredible Disney Mediterranean Cruise in 2010. Since we were living in Spain at the time it made it especially easy (and cheap) to get to Barcelona. Add in a steep military discount on the cruise itself and we were sold. (If you have the chance to do this, do it. It was such a great trip. So great we did it again a year later!)

Oh these pictures crack me up! We were all so young (and I had seriously dieted pre-cruise… must do that again!) Checking in at the pier. We had just flown into Barcelona that morning and went straight to the port.

 photo DSCN1198_zps315ac229.jpg

Always have to test every bed including the fold down ones for the kids (I am pretty sure he checked the top bunk as well!)

 photo IMG_3929_zps050b2c57.jpg

Family picture with Mickey in the main lobby in front of one of my favorite restaurants, Lumiere’s.
 photo IMG_4052_zps52fd6e8f.jpg

Great thing about a Disney Cruise, there are characters EVERYWHERE! I think this was taken at our Character Breakfast. Little Omar was not really a fan.
 photo IMG_3950_zpse3f493de.jpg

Okay, Tunisia. We were super boring at this port. We almost didn’t even get off the ship. First of all, we have been to Africa before so we have done the souks and all that. Little Omar hadn’t been so I just wanted his feet to touch African soil so we can say he’s been there. There was some stuff I would have liked to do, sans kids. Tunisia is where they filmed quite a few Star Wars scenes and it would have been really cool to go check it out. There were also some cool buildings downtown I would have liked to poke into, but other than that? No biggie. So instead we just rode some camels, did a quick buzz through a market so I could get some souvenirs and enjoyed a quiet day on a less crowded ship.

Pulling into Tunisia early in the morning
 photo IMG_4056_zpsffd0bd33.jpg

We were greeted by a pier full of musicians and camels, it was a really cool sight.
 photo IMG_4063_zpsfd79c0fa.jpg

And of course, the obligatory camel ride. Yes I have done it before, yes I will do it again. It is too fun not to.
 photo IMG_4077_zps17d41635.jpg

The camel getting up and laying down is the most hilarious part. It feels like you are about to fly off!
 photo IMG_4090_zps9059aef4.jpg

Next stop: Italia!

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