I L-O-V-E Halloween.

One of my favorite things to do is make my kids their costumes. They don’t always let me but some years they cave into my begging. I think this is one thing they will remember fondly. (well except for the week prior to Halloween when I am stressing my ass off…)

Last year the big hit was PacMan and the creepy doll.

The year before that Mckenna was an evil fairy.


Spain was tough, not a lot of fabric choices so I used a blanket and a womens shirt to make Mckenna a cave girl. (Omar was O-Mario, not homemade but cute as hell)

One of my first – Mckenna as a greek goddess and Omar as Diego.

This year my kids came up with their costume ideas all on their own and asked me to make it happen. Omar wanted to be Finn from Adventure Time (OMG absolutely BIZARRE cartoon on CN. We love it. However one of my friends kids told me while trick or treating that his mom doesn’t let him watch it because it’s so inappropriate. Sorry if I think fart jokes are funny…) Mckenna wanted to be the Queen of Hearts.

Challenge accepted!

Here is my little Finn. Hat and backpack handmade by mom. Shirt found at Walmart for $4.
 photo DSC_0016_zpsdda7966a.jpg

And the Queen herself… ready for croquet.

 photo DSC_0012_zps34be771a.jpg

I had SO much fun with this. The card ruff was actually a breeze to make and I went easy peasy and did a tulle skirt. I wish I had a better hand with makeup but I am lacking! She loved everything though. Shirt was a cheapie tank with a felt heart stitched on. photo DSC_0015_zpse02359c4.jpg

End of the night. Two cuties exhausted from trick or treating!
 photo DSC_0021_zps17bc9cf5.jpg

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