Thankful November {November 18}

Day #18

Today I am thankful for my mom. She has always been one of my biggest supporters and I have really appreciated how much she has been encouraging me for the past couple of months with Omar being deployed. Also I can’t WAIT for her to come visit so I can show her Hawaii!

Leonard’s Malasadas

If you ever see this sign or this truck pull your vehicle over and immediately buy some freshly made malasadas. Malasadas are Portugese doughnuts, why they are so wildly popular in Hawaii? I have no clue. But they are delicious, fried dough. Enough said.

We got to sample our first ones at the pumpkin patch. (Also sorry if you hate the filter on the pictures, I was in the mood for an old school look) The line wasn’t too bad and the malasadas were being fried fresh… $1 each, we all picked cinnamon. OMG. Heaven. These would have to be eaten fast, once they got cold there is no way they would be as good. (not that I would know, we had no leftovers!)

Thankful November {November 17}

Day #17

Today I am thankful for the 11 years of marriage I am so lucky to have had with my husband. What an adventure we’ve had. Two kids, moving across the world, twice! I couldn’t have asked for a better partner. I love you, Omar!

Happy Anniversary to Us!


Some of my favorite pictures from our wedding day. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect fall day to get married. Really can’t believe that was eleven years ago. So happy to have the rest of our lives together. I love you baby.


Thankful November {November 16}

Day #16

Today I am thankful whatever cleaning bug got into me that enabled me to clean my house. Or at least my first floor. It’s amazing how much less stressed I feel when my house is tidy. Now if only I could keep it that way!

Soccer is OVER!

So Omar had his end of season soccer pizza party. It was a sad day because these boys had an awesome soccer season. We had a great coach and a great team. Unfortunately the coach is deploying so he won’t be able to coach next season. Military member heavy sports teams have downfalls!

So we got the boys together, had pizza, drinks, and dessert. They got to play on the playground and we got to reminisce about the season. One loss!

I felt bad because we hadn’t talked about doing a coaches gift, so at the last minute we picked up a green (our team color) lei. And a card. And then I felt awesome because we were the only family to do anything. (Yes I am such an ass, I know)

Omar got a pretty cool trophy that he can’t wait to put on his trophy shelf (whenever I get one hung up).

We really had a great season with these kids and are looking forward to either playing with them or playing against them next season. (January! When BOTH kids are going to be in soccer!)