Happy Birthday my sweet girl!


Eleven years old already! Time has flown by. I still remember bringing you home from the hospital! Your first few years we spent so much time together, just the two of us. We stayed busy and explored much of the fun things Virginia had to offer. I think that is why you are always up for an adventure now! Sometimes I look at you and I am amazed that you came from me, this gorgeous, smart, artistic, talented girl. Then we butt heads because we are SO much alike and I think, yep, this is my daughter. mckennaIt’s been an adventure for sure these past 11 years and I am so glad I am lucky enough to have been your mom!

I love you!


Tween drama


Oh my. I don’t even remember what argument this was even about. I spied this on her door the next day and couldn’t help laughing.  I know it’s just going to get worse from here and not as amusing. The joys of having a ten year old daughter…