It’s the little things {lilies & long weekends}

My beautiful Valentine’s Day flowers are opening up and look (and smell) FANTASTIC. Seriously our WHOLE house smells like flowers. Why is it that every time I have fresh flowers in the house I always vow to make more of an effort to buy them more often and I never do!Image

We are also looking forward to this nice long three day weekend.

Monday we are scheduled to have a power outage for almost the entire day.  They need to do some repair work on a utility pole and it will leaving the housing section of the base with no power. Seriously what the heck would I do all day? Clean? Yuck! So I am taking the kids on a field trip to Vejer de la Frontera. Should be a fun quick trip!


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Valentine’s Day Recap

Totally phoned it in this Valentine’s Day.

I was planning on getting up early and making the kids a cutesy breakfast of pink heart pancakes… well, I overslept a bit.  Rushing around getting everyone and everything ready for the day and M asks me if I am making a special breakfast. Sorry honey, no!  So she makes a couple of poptarts and right before she eats them I pop over and use a heart cookie cutter on them.

There, there is your super special Valentine’s breakfast.

Then my husband calls me at work to ask me to run home and let the dog out on my lunch break because he wasn’t able to… I run home and see the dog sitting outside the patio door.  I call my husband and ask what the heck is he talking about, the dog is already outside.  He asks where I am and I say right by the door looking at the dog.

Let the dog inside then a few minutes later walk back outside with him with his lunch and see a huge bouquet of flowers laying on the table. Duh. So I called my husband and said oh yeah, saw the flowers. Sorry I am oblivious! He also gave me a new watch which was greatly appreciated because I just busted the crystal out of my watch the day before. Yay!

Was going to make a nice steak dinner for the family but didn’t feel like stopping at the commissary to pick up steak after work. So somehow we had a very polish Valentine dinner. Kielbasa, sauteed cabbage and pierogis.  I don’t even know.  But it was yummy.  We’re planning on going out this weekend for dinner, weekdays are too crazy.

Hope everyone had a lovely day with plenty of chocolate involved!