Valentine’s Day!



First off, can I state that sitting with your kindergartner while he writes out 25 cards is not the best time ever. I was very, very tempted to drink at multiple times. But we got all of them done. (Also please note the “I dazzled at school today” wristband! Stellar student!



Here is the breakfast set up, some fun goodies and balloons. I got the plates in the Target dollar section and I love them! I love divided plates!!
place setting



And breakfast was pink heart pancakes, pink milk and the weirdest color watermelon I’ve ever seen. But hey, it fit the decor.


Mckenna was all dudded up in her $5 Target tee, (Omar declined a Valentine tee… boys.) Cute heart shaped hairstyle is super easy to do and looks great. And of course her Valentine to me… So adorable!

mckennaI was spoiled by my mom (pretty flowers! I’ll take a picture when they open!) and my husband (VS gift card and a new Coach purse! Whoohoo!) It’s great to have one more holiday done and over with, that much closer to homecoming!


To cut or not to cut…

Okay, I am trying to get to the salon in the next week or so and I am feeling that itch to chop my hair off… I need some opinions.

Here it is now (it’s not normally so wavy, it dried in a bun) (also sorry for the blurry pic I am the worst at self portraits)


Here is the length I am thinking:

I am going to get some more highlights put in for sure and I think I may go a touch lighter for summer. Cut or not? I don’t know what to do! I have this notion that everyone is Hawaii is going to have long, flowing hair so that is making me lean toward keeping it long.

Hair ladies, help me out!