Valentine’s Day!



First off, can I state that sitting with your kindergartner while he writes out 25 cards is not the best time ever. I was very, very tempted to drink at multiple times. But we got all of them done. (Also please note the “I dazzled at school today” wristband! Stellar student!



Here is the breakfast set up, some fun goodies and balloons. I got the plates in the Target dollar section and I love them! I love divided plates!!
place setting



And breakfast was pink heart pancakes, pink milk and the weirdest color watermelon I’ve ever seen. But hey, it fit the decor.


Mckenna was all dudded up in her $5 Target tee, (Omar declined a Valentine tee… boys.) Cute heart shaped hairstyle is super easy to do and looks great. And of course her Valentine to me… So adorable!

mckennaI was spoiled by my mom (pretty flowers! I’ll take a picture when they open!) and my husband (VS gift card and a new Coach purse! Whoohoo!) It’s great to have one more holiday done and over with, that much closer to homecoming!


It’s a Zebra Birthday!

Well I have finally recovered from Mckenna’s epic sleepover this weekend. Really though we had a great bunch of girls over, thank goodness my daughter makes great friends!

Decorated down to the very last minute but had fun with all of the zebra and purple. I could have spend another $200 at Party City on decorations but we were good with this… I also had a bunch of balloons out front tied to my shepard’s hook that someone stole! Mckenna was so mad because there was a zebra mylar one in there. Who does that?!







DSC_0147The girls even brought some beautiful coordinating gifts! I was kinda irritated because a lot of the Party City stuff was zebra and pink instead of the requested zebra and PURPLE. But we made it work.

DSC_0146Dinner was a taco bar. Easy peasy. And lots of leftovers for taco salad for me.

DSC_0166Mckenna and her friends doing the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ pose. Are they not the cutest girls you have ever seen?!?!

DSC_0185The cake turned out great, the frosting was weird. I added candy food coloring instead of regular food coloring and it got super runny. Still tasted good but I was not a happy camper and had no time to fix it.

The zebra inside was awesome and I’ll post a tutorial on how to do it because it’s super easy and the next time I do it, it will be even better.





Also? Games were played. I did the old “Put a bunch of random objects on a tray then cover them up and try to write down how many you remember” game, chubby bunny which NO one had heard of. Sorry Mckenna but this picture makes me giggle every time I see it!



Then we stole a game from a recent baby shower we had been too… Looks simple, is actually REALLY hard! Try to scoop cotton balls and balance as many on your head as you can. (Ahem, I did in fact WIN this game at said baby shower…)



Mckenna had a GREAT party, the girls all had fun. What more could you ask for?!