It’s a Zebra Birthday!

Well I have finally recovered from Mckenna’s epic sleepover this weekend. Really though we had a great bunch of girls over, thank goodness my daughter makes great friends!

Decorated down to the very last minute but had fun with all of the zebra and purple. I could have spend another $200 at Party City on decorations but we were good with this… I also had a bunch of balloons out front tied to my shepard’s hook that someone stole! Mckenna was so mad because there was a zebra mylar one in there. Who does that?!







DSC_0147The girls even brought some beautiful coordinating gifts! I was kinda irritated because a lot of the Party City stuff was zebra and pink instead of the requested zebra and PURPLE. But we made it work.

DSC_0146Dinner was a taco bar. Easy peasy. And lots of leftovers for taco salad for me.

DSC_0166Mckenna and her friends doing the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ pose. Are they not the cutest girls you have ever seen?!?!

DSC_0185The cake turned out great, the frosting was weird. I added candy food coloring instead of regular food coloring and it got super runny. Still tasted good but I was not a happy camper and had no time to fix it.

The zebra inside was awesome and I’ll post a tutorial on how to do it because it’s super easy and the next time I do it, it will be even better.





Also? Games were played. I did the old “Put a bunch of random objects on a tray then cover them up and try to write down how many you remember” game, chubby bunny which NO one had heard of. Sorry Mckenna but this picture makes me giggle every time I see it!



Then we stole a game from a recent baby shower we had been too… Looks simple, is actually REALLY hard! Try to scoop cotton balls and balance as many on your head as you can. (Ahem, I did in fact WIN this game at said baby shower…)



Mckenna had a GREAT party, the girls all had fun. What more could you ask for?!





DIY No Sew Fairy Costume

Need some costume inspiration? My daughter has been going back and forth on what she wanted to be, a Monster high character, a zombie, I finally got that she wanted to be scary but look cute, too. I asked her if she would like to be a dark/evil fairy. She thought that sounded cool.  I wanted to make her costume because I LOVE to do homemade costumes! Unfortunately my sewing machine is still broken so It was going to have to be no sew!

I am planning on (trying) so do some creepy black and purple eye makeup and cover her with some glittery  lotion.  This was SUPER simple and can be customized with any colors! I’ll take pictures of the wings as well, they were a simple black pair from Target that I painted with some 3D sparkly purple paint.



Supplies needed:

Plain tank top


Safety pins


I used 2 large (21yard?) black rolls and 1 small sparkly purple one of tulle, but my daughter is really tall and I made the skirt so it’s longer in the back (goes to her calf). Also it’s not super thick so she’ll be wearing some black leggings underneath. 

There are about a million tutu tutorials online but what I did was cut a length of tulle twice as long as I wanted it to be, then folded in in half. I used a length of ribbon as a waistband because I didn’t feel like going back to the craft store and it actually works great. It’s much easier for me to build this on my model. To attach just pull the mid point of your tulle under the waist then pull the ends through. This makes a nice clean look. After you are done you can loop extra tulle or ribbon if you want it to look even more finished.

The corset top is just genius. I love it! Lay your tank on a table and put a magazine or book inside (makes it easier to pin). Just pin pairs of pins down the front gradually getting them closer together. When you are done lace the ribbon through like a shoelace. When you are done have your model try it on and adjust the ribbon tighter or looser as needed.

The wand was some extra ribbon and tulle wrapped around a chopstick.

My daughter loves it and loves that she won’t have the same costume as anyone else. Plus it’ll be fun to play in after Halloween. If you try this I would love to see pictures of your finished product!