Thank God for Amazon!

So. After procrastinating waaaaaay to long I’ve finally gotten a pretty good start on Christmas shopping.

As always Amazon came to the rescue.  I’ve knocked out my mom and sister, aunt from our family gift exchange and will probably end up picking up some stuff for my brothers on there.  Ebay was also good to me, as always, looking for an obscure gift for my husband. Some people hate that site, but I LOVE it.

The kids are pretty much done, I am upset because I hesitated in getting O the LeapFrog Leappad and now it is sold out EVERYWHERE and of course our NEX doesn’t have any new toys like that.  Stupid me, I should have just ordered it when I had the chance. Who knew it was going to become the hot new toy this Christmas.  Honestly I don’t know if I’ve ever met a kid who likes toys less.  He says he wants toys for Christmas but couldn’t actually name one toy that he wanted. He has a playroom FULL that NEVER get played with.  I wish we still had friends with kids his age so they could come play with these toys!

I am scaling back on the amount of gifts this year.  I feel this guilt every year that if my kids don’t have a ton of gifts to open on Christmas that the day will be ruined. And I am always going out buying more stuff at the last-minute as ‘fill-in’ items.  And I always buy stuff that I think they will like instead of stuff they actually want. And over the year, it hardly gets played with because my kids like to play with video games and play outside. That’s it.  Books are one of the big gifts this year, both kids asked for more and that is something that I will never refuse them.  M asked for the last Harry Potter and I’m hoping my mother in law gets the whole series for her. She has been tearing through it, finally!

It’s amazing how much better I feel knowing that I have a good chunk of my shopping done with a few keystrokes.  I wish I could do more shopping at malls but I honestly have no time and no energy!

Slowly but surely I think I’ll actually be ready come Christmas Day… How about you? Are you ready or are you getting dragged, kicking and screaming, into the holidays?


One thought on “Thank God for Amazon!

  1. Oh Amazon, how I love thee! Two days of shopping and you still get to open the “presents” that the UPS guy is bringing to the door, even if they are for someone else. What could be better?

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