Super Quick and Super Late Christmas Post

So the holiday got away from me and I never did a Christmas post so this is for the family, here are our Christmas pictures!

{Christmas Eve}


I didn’t bake as many cookies as I normally do, I usually take them to all of my friends when I hand deliver Christmas cards but since all of my friends have PCS’ed I wasn’t really up to do a million cookies.

I did however bake Raspberry Thumbprints. It is not Christmas unless I am shoving these into my mouth by the dozen. I wish I was joking when I say that these were my breakfast for about a week.

Frosting cookies!


The kids did a great job decorating sugar cookies.  We were a little light in the holiday cookie cutter department (they all rusted and I tossed them and then forgot to replace them) My wonderful husband picked up an animal set at the minimart on Christmas Eve!  So we had holiday elephants. And the lion just kinda looks like a wreath so that worked perfectly!


I’m sure like almost everyone else in the universe we have the kids open one gift on Christmas Eve. And it is always, PAJAMAS! Surprise!  They actually got to open one gift on the 23rd as well. My husband had found the cutest Redskins uniform for O, but the Redskins played their second to last game of the season on the 23rd and he really wanted to give it to him early so he could wear it. So O opened that and M opened a copy of the 2012 Guinness Book of World Records.



Left the cookie and milk for Santa (and then they were TOTALLY ignored on Christmas morning! The artistic bites taken out of the cookie, the mostly finished glass of milk!) In reality I am glad my kids aren’t super into Santa, it’s so much work! Also we have zippy mantle in this house so we started a tradition of stockings (or Christmas socks as O calls them [so adorable!]) on the table to be opened with breakfast. And yes we are evil and make our kids suffer through breakfast before we let them open gifts. Low blood sugar = horrible whiny children on Christmas.

Ha, this picture cracks me up. It *almost* makes you think we have a fireplace. Thank goodness for hour long youtube fireplace videos.


{Christmas Morning}

This has become our traditional Christmas breakfast. Fruit tray from the commissary, french toast (made from the good bread from the bakery) bacon, scrambled eggs, and for me coffee. Oh so much coffee.

Puzzles from Grandma! These had to be opened and put together immediately! This boy is OBSESSED with puzzles!

Some great sight word DVD’s from Aunt K. He now thinks he can spell everything. This kid is so frustrated that he can’t read yet! And I really am a HORRIBLE teacher!

Harry Potter, yay!



We start 'em young! (Not really, M had reused the box to give him some gifts)



New dress for her American Girl doll from Mimi!

My sister was very upset because none of her boxes had arrived by Christmas.  Luckily AFN (the military radio/tv station where my husband works) was announcing names that had packages at the Fleet Mail Center. He called in and found out a few things were waiting so off we went.  We brought everything home and she got to watch the kids open all of their stuff over skype since it was later in the day.  So I have no pictures of those gifts at all!


Cheezin' on Christmas!

My big Christmas gift, I’ve been wanting a table for the front entry way for-EVER. I love it. It’s already full of random junk.

Merry WAY PAST Christmas!

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