It’s the little things {metal mouth and roaming canines}

{Little thing numero uno}

Free dental care overseas!

And that includes orthodontics! M got a retainer on Friday, she only has a slight crossbite but the orthodontist said he’ll probably be able to fix it with just the retainer. We’ll go in for a recheck in a few week and if it’s not improving she’ll have to get brackets on the front 4 upper teeth (still free!)

{Little thing numero dos}

My dog decided to go on a walkabout this week as well.  Back gate was left open and when my husband and kids came home they saw him in the street surrounded by kids.  Well they didn’t think he had even left our immediate area but then on Facebook I see that he actually traveled a few streets over and was saying ‘hi’ to everyone! Silly dog! Glad everything was okay, we love this silly dog!

Little things Link Up Party with Aisle to Aloha!!


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