Just about ready for a party over here…

A little rainbow cake action...

Been super busy this week getting ready for M’s 10th (TENTH!!!!) birthday party… She is having a slumber party and is was going to be low key but I kept finding ideas, and it turned into a rainbow birthday.  I’m having a blast but killing myself as there are just not enough hours in the day! Right now the cake is made, house is decorated and the room they are going to sleep in is clean and ready for sleeping bags!  Just need to find time to finish shopping for the take home craft, shop for the rest of the groceries, and get the food made!

T minus 17 hours and I still need to find time to sleep and work in there!


Tissue paper pom poms hanging...


Some cute garland that took for-EVER!


I’ll post more pictures after the party!


2 thoughts on “Just about ready for a party over here…

    • Yes! I have been spending WAY too much time on there, but they were super simple and my kids were able to each do them as well! My son has already requested them for his 5th birthday!

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