Rainbow Birthday Party!

Friday night was M’s 10th birthday party/slumber party.  She hadn’t requested a theme but that dang Pinterest kept popping up with all these super cute rainbow decorations and crafts! So I informed her that I would be doing a rainbow party and she was super excited!

Garland and tissue paper pom poms!

Tissue paper pom pom tutorial can be found here!

Entry way table...

I just used some 6×6 rainbow paper I had and laid that on the table and found that super cute birthday printable online!

Birthday Banner!

This was a midnight craft where I wanted one more thing to hang up! I had the paper, stickers and cardboard garland base sitting in my massive pile of scrapbook supplies! I like how it turned out and I’ll be able to pull it out for future birthdays!

M&M’s and sour patch kids used for rainbow decoration!

Rainbow fruit kebabs, super easy to make and the kiddos LOVED eating them!

Rainbow cake tutorial can be found here! 

Rainbow ice cubes, just used food coloring to dye some lemonade… Put in glasses of Sprite!

Birthday breakfast! The rainbow waffles would have been cute with a circle waffle iron, then cut in half with whipped cream on either side… but they were a hit regardless.  I used the same idea as the rainbow cake. Some of the colors did look a little brownish after cooking but the inside was pretty!

Rainbow Waffles!

This dishware from Ikea is something everyone should have.  I’ve had it for years and love it!

Happy Birthday M!

Rainbow Cake Tutorial

Super fast and easy…

I recommend using a white cake mix so the colors are bright.

Mix up cake using instructions on box.

Separate into bowls depending on how many colors you want to use. Mckenna wanted 5 different colors so I separated the batter into 5 different bowls.

I used these gel food colors instead of the regular drops, don’t know if it makes a difference but I like them.


Just pour in any way you would like, both cake layers ended up super different.


After baking and cooling, I leveled both cakes, I was pleased with how bright the colors turned out!



I also cheated and mixed my can of vanilla frosting with a 8 ounce package of cream cheese. Quick and easy cream cheese frosting (also makes MORE frosting for your cake so you can really pack it on there!)

I stole this square cake idea decorated with M&M’s, super easy and simple

You could probably use skittles if you would prefer those colors, but I like M&M’s better… I also used some regular and some peanut butter just to have the variety of sizes.  The girls all thought it was cool and couldn’t wait to eat it!

Easy and delicious!  The great thing is that you can do this with any colors you want to match it to a specific theme!


Just about ready for a party over here…

A little rainbow cake action...

Been super busy this week getting ready for M’s 10th (TENTH!!!!) birthday party… She is having a slumber party and is was going to be low key but I kept finding ideas, and it turned into a rainbow birthday.  I’m having a blast but killing myself as there are just not enough hours in the day! Right now the cake is made, house is decorated and the room they are going to sleep in is clean and ready for sleeping bags!  Just need to find time to finish shopping for the take home craft, shop for the rest of the groceries, and get the food made!

T minus 17 hours and I still need to find time to sleep and work in there!


Tissue paper pom poms hanging...


Some cute garland that took for-EVER!


I’ll post more pictures after the party!