I win at procrastination (alternate title – How to phone it in)

So. Ugh. I am just sucking at everything right now.  I have this horrible habit when I am feeling overwhelmed of just not doing anything. I have TONS of stuff I NEED to get done, homework, housework, but instead I will ignore the piles of laundry and ride my couch.  It is the worst habit ever and I was really hoping that as I ‘matured’ it would stop. Nope.

So, meanwhile I have hours of homework that I need to do that I will probably wait until the very last possible second to get done. I am down to my last two classes (cue chorusing angels) before I am done with school and I have a life threatening case of senioritis.  I am honestly rethinking my plan to start working on my Master’s in Hawaii because the though of more school makes me want to throw up. Hoping that a) taking a break for a few months will help b)I won’t be working which will mean less stress and more time and c)I’ll be doing classes in person which I love SO. Much. More! I get to talk to people! But first! I must make it through these last two damn classes. C’s get degrees right? That is my mantra this semester!

Also my housework. It’s embarrassing how much I have been failing in this aspect! When I was a SAHM or even working part time I was all about the Fly Lady and I generally kept my house looking good. While it might have some mess, it was clean. Now, not so much. I seem only able to get laundry done on the weekends, and then it takes me forever to get it folded and put away (I try to convince my husband that searching through piles of clean laundry for PT gear is like a scavenger hunt). There are pretty much always dishes in the sink, and please oh please don’t look at my shower.

Oh yes then there is trying spend time with my kids, my husband, scrapbook (so, so very behind) and possibly think about PCSing in the next few months. My brain is just fried!

I wish I could say that I don’t have time to get this stuff done but that isn’t true. I am just the worst about actually making myself do it instead of cuddling up on the couch after dinner and surfing the internet or watching tv until bedtime.

I know I am not going to magically wake up tomorrow with a new attitude and abundance of energy but maybe just getting it all out there will help my brain (and my teeth because I can feel I have been stress clenching my jaw at night).

Oh and two things I have been rocking it at lately? Work – have gotten TONS of compliments from both parents (my customers) and my boss about what I do. I LOVE feeling appreciated when I know I am working my butt off. Also? Eating! I have gained 10 pounds in the past year! WTF? So I think it is about time for me to get back on WW. Even though I’ve been loving Paleo, I’ve been cheating WAY too much. Maybe just making myself journal so I don’t eat a bowl of cereal at 10pm. Oh vey.

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