Mirror, Mirror

Laughing to myself because I am getting ready to put up a picture of the mirror my mom got me for graduation and I am realizing that my husband ALSO got me a mirror for graduation.  I don’t know what this means, maybe I need to reflect more on my life? That I need to look in a mirror before I step out of the house? 

Two totally different mirrors but I am super excited to get both. Omar and I picked out a frame at Pacheco’s our local (awesome!) framer. I ordered a 6’x3′ mirror and it was only 80 euros. Love it! Can’t wait to get it over the couch once we move!

My mom saw me gushing over these mirrors when she came to visit and told me that she wanted to buy me one for graduation. Done and done! I am so in love with this mirror and again, can’t wait to get settled into our new house and find it a home on the wall. 



Look how pretty!


LOVE IT!!! Thank you Mom! 

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