Rockin’ it today

Feel like I accomplished a LOT today. Got both kids registered for school (the school I didn’t really want them to go to but I am over it and just am going to accept it), sorted out all of our Tricare stuff, no more Tricare Overseas, we are now TriWest (which sounds so stupid), booked appointments for school physicals/TB tests for Friday morning (kinda amazed they got me in that fast), picked up the dog’s kennel from the quarantine facility where we left it last week (no room in the car and that sucker was too big for the trunk!), picked Omar up early from school and zipped over to the DMV so he could get his Hawaii driver’s license (he’s official!) and now debating on where to go out for dinner.

(Also I probably hit my quota for parentheses for the day!)

I keep driving by our house willing the current residents to just move out already! The should be moving out in the next few days and then we have to wait for the house to get cleaned/repainted whatever it is they will be doing. The day we move in we are planning on having both our Aloha furniture (temp furniture to live on) and our express shipment (linens and kitchen stuff we packed) so we can be kinda in a real home. Just happy there is a pool within walking distance (with a teeny tiny gym!)

Tomorrow I have NO plans, which means that a ton of stuff will suddenly pop up that needs to be done! Still didn’t get to the beach over on Hickam so maybe we’ll try to find it, it looks like they have super cheap paddleboard rentals ($9/hour!) and I’ve been dying to try but it was super expensive in Waikiki!

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