Back to School…

So today was a back to school day for the kids. They were off ALL last week for fall break (yeah I don’t know what that is either) and then were also off Monday for Columbus Day. We had planned lots of activities to keep us busy and I think we did an okay job. But man, was I happy when I dropped them off this morning! Ten days! Ten days off from school! And my darling sweet Omar does not like leaving the house, he is my little homebody. Want to go to the beach? No. The pool? No. A movie? No. Mckenna I ruined at a young age by taking her anywhere and everywhere. Omar grew up in Rota where we didn’t have a ton to do. So I have been having to balance the child who wants to get out of the house to do anything and the child who will do anything to be able to stay home. Go figure. We managed to get to the beach, the pool, the library, the movies, paint pottery, Child and Youth Day downtown, my football practice and games, Omar’s soccer practice and games and did not kill each other!

Today I also had a Scentsy party at a friends, damn I am a sucker for those burners. I am happy I got a pretty new burner for my guest bathroom and my bedroom. I reaaaaally need to get some paint so I can start hanging all my crap up on my walls. I got the most BEAUTIFUL new comforter and I can’t wait to get my room all put together, it’s going to look great with some of my watercolors from France hanging up! I can’t wait!

Also sent out another care package for my sailor. Mail call came and he got his first two care packages I sent so now I can post pictures on here. I had a lot of fun packing them and decorating boxes. Care package ideas and post coming soon!

Now I have to try and get myself back on a school schedule because I was staying up WAY too late while we were on break. In fact last night I was still up when my bestie in Virginia was waking up in the morning… And no, 5 hours of sleep did not cut it. And yet, here I am again. 11pm and not tired in the slightest. NyQuil it is!

First leis!

So my neighbor (and fellow ship wife) is from Hawaii and she and her mom were busily making leis for some function or another… Mckenna happened to be over there giving her a hand and got to come home with a couple of leis. We weren’t greeted with any at the airport (something that if we ever have anyone come visit us I will to do!) so this is the first time we got to wear a lei in Hawaii!

Omar’s interpretation:


Look mom! Flower hair!

My goodness I wish this kid could take a normal picture. Oh well they are still cute.

And of COURSE I had to torture my dog.

Right here he is thinking ‘wait until she releases me, I am going to eat this thing in 2 seconds.’ Which I didn’t let him do. I of course had to hang them up so they can dry. 

And so my collection starts. Just wait until Omar comes home, I am going to pile him up. The exchange even has leis with the mini bottles of booze. Love it!



Bellows Beach

Oh my… how has it taken me three months to get to this beach? It. Is. Gorgeous!

Like the beach you picture in your mind when you think of hawaii? The perfect curl of white sand with lush green mountains in the back and gorgeous blue water?



Yeah. This is it. Beautiful, soft white sand… clear blue water… just lovely.




So we set up camp right at the edge of the woods (great campgrounds right next to the beach for all you campers!) and hit the waves.



We went with a friend of mine and her two kids and we all had a great time. The water was the perfect temperature and the waves were perfect for boogie boarding. Mckenna hadn’t done in years but picked it right up again.



I could sit here with this view forever.


Or this one!


Omar was a little miffed at me after we wiped out one time when I took him out on the boogie board. Nothing bad, I think it just surprised him. Time to rinse off and eat some more snacks!



Little Surfer Girls (boogie board girls?) They had a great time riding the waves and digging a giant hot tub in the sand.


Sandy, happy children. Really, who couldn’t be happy with this practically in our back yard?







Sometimes a Phone Call is All You Need

So my darling sweetie pie pulled into a port today and I got to talk to him for the first time in a couple of weeks. Even with emailing every day, it’s just not the same as talking to him. I was super happy he had access to wifi so we could facetime him.

The kids were fighting over the chance to see him and talk to him, they showed him every minute change in the house since he left. Omar even decided to show him how well he is reading (surprised the crap outta me today when we brought home hop on Pop from the library today! Who knew!)

So we all got to have a nice long talk with him and hopefully I’ll get another call tonight so can chat without kids jumping in on the conversation every five minutes.

I know these calls may be few and far between so I am loving the opportunity to talk to him. It’s so much better than email!

My only complaint is that we had just gotten home from my football practice so I was looking like hell on a holiday sweaty with no makeup… Love you honey, just look at what you are missing at home!

I am also going to start a little Five for Friday (yes it’s still Friday here, just barely) a little love list to my husband…

1. I love the way one of our kids can do something and we can catch each others eye and just laugh and laugh.
2. I love how you encouraged me to finish my degree and to go for my Master’s Degree.
3. I love how you are so dedicated to this family that you are doing a job that you don’t love to support us.
4. I can’t wait to be able to snorkel with you again, seeing that turtle was magical!
5. I love when we are watching a movie and you pull me over to snuggle under your arm.

Creepy Photoediting…

Bear with me, I just had waaaaaaaaay to much fun with this… Seriously, take some good shots and you will be addicted too…

I LOVE me some picmonkey, it is so much fun and the edits are super fast and easy. It’s photoshop for dummies!

And now let me introduce you to our creepy family:

Please go waste a few hours doing this so I am not the only crazy person.


Do it!