Cranky pants Friday

I don’t know if I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning or if my household is conspiring to drive me crazy.
(I did wake up terribly due to taking NyQuil last night in an effort to drug myself so I wasn’t staying up late, again!)

We are walking out the door actually early-ish and my dog is sitting at the door (remember he is an ANGEL in the house, it’s outside that he turns into an asshole) Well I told Omar let’s go, and Bowser thought I was talking to him and decides to bolt out the door. Fabulous. Now normally it’s no big deal if he’s off leash, he runs around for a few minutes, finds some cat poop to eat, then finally decides to come back when he hears me getting pissed. I really don’t have time to mess with him this morning but thankfully he takes one lap around our grassy area and then runs to the car and hops in. Dumb dog. So I drag him out to take him back into the house and he decides now to lay down and play dead. WILL. NOT. STAND. UP. So I have to put my crap that I am carrying on the ground and pick up my 55lb dog to carry him inside. Oh yes, and of course I am wearing a maxidress today just to put the cherry on top. Uh. So annoying.

So dog is inside, finally, back out to the car where my darlings better be in and buckled. Walk up to the car and Mckenna tells me Omar lost his water bottle. What? In the 15 foot walk from the front door to the car? He keeps it in the side pocket of his backpack because otherwise the condensation gets his papers all wet. Somehow in getting into the car, he knocked it out and it fell into the storm drain. And I’m only parked in front of the damn storm drain because it’s trash day and my normal spot was overtaken by garbage cans. I was SO mad! It was one of those nice stainless steel ones and he’d only had it a couple of weeks after I bought it to replace his OTHER water bottle that disappeared to God knows where.
Thankfully there was a full Dasani in there so he had something to take to school (they have no A/C in the classrooms so they drink water ALL day)

Needless to say, I was very grumpy on the way to school. Omar, of course starts to cry when we are walking to his classroom and I feel like an asshole. It’s just an $8 water bottle. So back to the exchange we will go this weekend for yet another replacement. And no more parking in front of the storm drain for me.

Book recommendation: My Sailor Dad

So my bestie Janelle recommended this book for deployments. I’m not much into these kinds of books normally because they are generally pretty dumb and I don’t like them. I was spending a gift certificate (finally!) That my mom had gotten me from Barnes & Noble and grabbed it along with some cookbooks. (Can’t wait to dive into the newish PW!)

Anyway, this book, My Sailor Dad, is ADORABLE!  I love the writing, even if it’s in rhyme, why every children’s book must be in rhyme is beyond me. I love the illustrations and how each page has additional artwork like flags, or semaphore as well.

And yes, it is very Daddy-centric. No sailor mommies are present in this book.

At this point I got a little misty, especially when Omar pointed out that daddy did the same thing when he left (manned the rails).  Although there was none of that waving nonsense going on, parade rest, Sailors!  I think the book did a pretty good job of explaining why daddies have to leave in terms that my five year old could understand.  You can find it at Amazon & B&N.

Weekend recap

We actually had a busy weekend. Shocker. Normally we have zero plans but this weekend we were running around a bit.

Saturday started WAY too early, Omar had soccer pictures at 8:15. That is just wrong. So we had to get up really early to get over to the spot they were taking photos. 

This is me taking a photo in blatent disregard of the no camera signs. But it’s not like I was trying to take any posed pictures, I just wanted to show the BEAUTIFUL location right on the water. Damn I love living here!

After pictures we had some time to kill before his game so we ran over to the exchange and I grabbed a coffee and some supplies for a deployment craft. (will post as soon as it’s done)

The hulks had another awesome game and won again! (Doesn’t it totally look like Omar is about to do a header? That would have been cool!)

After his game, we ran home and showered him so we could meet up with some of the spouses from our ship. It was very different from what I was expecting since my last experience was with an aircraft carrier with thousands of sailors and now it is a destroyer with a couple hundred. On the carrier the officer’s and enlisted spouses didn’t even meet together which I thought was so weird. Whatever. Anyways, so I guess I thought this was a big spouse meet and greet. Nope. It was our two ombudsman and  6 wives. As of right now we don’t have a Family Readiness Group or FRG but we are trying to get one started. So we are the ‘get it started’ group. Not that I mind, I do love to volunteer and everyone was really nice and enthusiastic. 

Our ‘spouse support’ group. We did have a nice lunch. (And I recommend the Italian Chicken Panini at Wright Brothers Cafe!)

Mckenna holding one of my neighbor’s twins at our meeting. Seriously folks. This is where I live.

After lunch we ran to a friends house for a bbq. We are on the football team together and I was feeling really bad because we were running about an hour late because my other meeting ran long. Wouldn’t you know it? We were the first people there? Rude! I can’t stand people who don’t show up for parties! And no one else showed up for almost another hour! I felt terrible for her! Eventually everyone showed up and the kids had fun playing. She has a son Omar’s age and Mckenna got to play with ANOTHER set of twin boys!

I swear I feed this boy!

Look at these gorgeous ladies! What good looking football players! We ended up having a good time, I met another wife from the ship, the kids had fun running around and I didn’t have to make dinner. Win-win!

Sunday we ended up having a lazy morning. Mckenna was driving me nuts so I called another football friend and asked if her daughter could come play. Thankfully they live really close so it worked out perfect! The girls had a great time playing with American Girl dolls.

They wanted me to take this picture to submit to American Girl magazine. They are so cute!

Finally it was time to get ready for my football game. I was kind of dreading it because we had lost the last two and I was kind of demoralized. I play center so I am the one who snaps the ball. If I have a bad snap it’s a dead ball and we lose yards. Its VERY stressful! Anyways, we ended up playing Army and we won! It was SUCH a fun game. We were laughing and having fun and kicking the crap outta them. I did end up getting hit pretty hard, I was chasing after the running back and some broad came outta nowhere and plowed into me. I was SO pissed, I came up swearing. Its FLAG football, not tackle! My team had to rein me in a bit so I didn’t get into trouble and the other team ended up getting a personal foul and losing 15 yards. Meanwhile I have a lovely scraped upper thigh as a trophy.

We also had team pictures taken. I am happy we were all wearing our pretty new jerseys on Sunday!

So that was our weekend. We succeeded in keeping busy, the less time we are home the less time we are moping about daddy being gone! Can’t wait to talk to him on the phone again! Emails and chat just don’t cut it! (Such a spoiled 21st century Navy wife!)

Someone got a job!

And no! It’s not me!

Mckenna got her first babysitting job and she is SO excited. Our neighbor’s husband is on the same ship as Omar so we are going to be deployment buddies! Well she is home with a 3 year old and a set of twin baby boys. Yikes! 

Anyways, we had gotten together with a few of the other spouses on Saturday and Mckenna was all over her babies. She remarked that she  would love to have Mckenna come over and help anytime!

Mckenna took her seriously and after a few texts back and forth went over this afternoon for a couple of hours.  She isn’t technically babysitting, just being a mother’s helper but she had a great time. Plus it’s great practice for when she CAN babysit in another year or so.  Our neighbor really appreciated having an extra set of hands and Mckenna loved playing with babies.

I am so proud of her! I am so happy that she is responsible and that parents are happy to have her help out!

Deployment Day #1

So today was the day. Daddy had to leave and I was a wreck. I really thought I was going to be able to tough it out but nope. I don’t even know why I wore makeup today. Every time he hugged the kids ‘one last time’ I’d start bawling. Every time little Omar would start crying, I’d start bawling. When the ship came unmoored, I started bawling.

I’ve never seen the ship off like that. Both times he’s left previously he always had to be on the night before so it was a drop off in the pier parking lot.  I actually dropped him off today not planning on staying because the kids were going to school. Mckenna ended up going but Omar was a mess. Plus it was his birthday so he got to stay home with me. AKA indulge in some retail therapy. But we got a call saying everyone was still hanging around the pier so off we went. It was great to have a few more minutes but AWFUL to have to say goodbye AGAIN! We stuck around this time, got to watch him man the rails (fancy term for stand on the side of the ship) and watch the flag unfurl and the boat push off.

It was difficult.

I know we’ll get through this -because honestly what else can we do- but damn, it sucks so bad already. I just forgot how bad it can be. I already had to check the closets because I am a paranoid crazy person, thank God I have the dog! My house looks like a bomb went off and now I have not motivation to clean because who is going to see it? I’m telling you, I am a half-step from a hoarders episode right now.

Anyways, here are a few pictures from today. Pray for these men and women over the next ten months.

Happy Birthday Omar!

I wish your birthday could have turned out a little better. I don’t think having your daddy deploy on your birthday is a wish anyone could have had!

The past year you have grown and changed so much! You are hilarious, charming, adorable, my sweet stubborn baby boy. You are still very shy around new people but your sister was the same way when she was your age. You have a temper just like your daddy did when he was young and go from zero to MAD in about two seconds. It is perfect that your soccer team is the incredible hulks.

You’ve done great moving from Spain to Hawaii, even though it meant leaving behind the only house you’ve ever known and all of your friends. You are doing GREAT in kindergarten and your teachers wish there were twenty more kids like you in the class.

Your favorite past times are playing video games (especially your BRAND NEW 3DS XL!), driving your sister crazy, and wrestling with Bowser.

I hope this next year is wonderful for you! Mommy and Daddy love you SO much!