Follow that Banana!

Saturday some friends and I ran the Jamba Juice Banana Man Chase 5K. This is a super fun race held in Ala Moana park in downtown Honolulu.

I was super excited. This was my FIRST 5K and something I have been wanting to do for years. It was also pretty cool that they were doing a keiki run (kid’s run) as well so the kids could participate. Running has NEVER been something I’ve liked to do, but I would love for my kids to grow up thinking that running in races is a common event.

I was very happy that I had some friends to do it with so I wasn’t all alone. I could see myself bailing out because I was nervous!

First up, the grown folk!



We got a good spot at the head of the pack where I prepared myself to get passed by a million people. My two girlfriends I ran with are WAY faster than me but are such good motivation!



The race went really well, I’ve only run a 5K on a treadmill before and running outside is so different. My only real goal was to run it without stopping which I accomplished. I wasn’t a huge fan of this course, while it was beautiful along the water I hardly paid attention and there were quite a few places where we had to run on a sidewalk all squished together.

I ended up running in 36 something which was right about where I thought I would be… My speedy friends were done in about 30!




The kids were up next and were doing a 500 meter run along the water. They had them grouped by age which was great. Mckenna got to go first with the 11-13 year olds, look at her go (she is in blue)!bananamckenna1


bananamckenna2When she was done she was a little bummed she didn’t run faster, she thought it was going to be longer than it was so she was pacing herself. She says next year she is going to be faster!

Omar ran a couple of heats later, and ended up running the whole thing as well! I was so proud of him!


Best thing? We all got smoothies when we were done and the kids got medals!

bananafamCan’t wait until Omar is back home and we can all run in races together! It was great to get a congratulatory phone call from him later that morning!




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