So…yeah. I am like a million years behind in posting and I really have no excuse! We had homecoming, then family visiting, then squeezing every last bit of fun out of summer, then school started. So my kids are back in school, its time to flex my blogging muscles and catch everyone up on what we’ve been up to the past couple of months!

First and foremost is HOMECOMING! We had an awesome, incredible, wonderful homecoming. What a difference it makes when you are greeting a destroyer instead of a carrier!

I was super grateful to Mckenna’s piano teacher who took photos for me gratis to build up her portfolio. I barely touched my camera all morning! (ELR Photography)

Picture time!

The kids with their signs they made all by themselves.



Trying to see the ship coming around the bend.IMG_1740


Time to change shoes (this was a LIFESAVER!)

changing into heels

Here she comes! Helicopter escort and the flags flying! The extra long pennant is the Homeward Bound pennant and only ships who are underway for more than 9 months get to fly that. It was helicopter escort

And there he is!IMG_1873

Keep it together, Sailor!IMG_1875


Finally getting off the ship!rebecca omar hug

rebecca omar kiss

The kids each picked out a lei they wanted to give daddy. IMG_2014




And this one just for fun… My husband had duty the day they pulled in, meaning that he had to stay on the ship overnight (there has to be some crew on the ship at all times!) So this was my personal sign! We got to bring him home the next morning though!IMG_2037

4 thoughts on “Homecoming!

  1. Reb —

    So happy your homecoming was a success!! The pics are great. I swear I think the kids have grown a bunch and more beautiful every time. Your husband looks soooo happy, as do you :-), and the family photos will be treasured for a lifetime. Wishing the 4 of you peaceful happiness and congratulations on you family being whole once again. God bless you all for your service and sacrifice. You are appreciated!

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