More Homemade Halloween Costumes

Sorting through photos and realized I never put our Halloween costumes up this year.

I was SO happy the kids wanted to do homemade costumes again… I HATE the store bought ones, they are so boring and cheap and generic and cost a million dollars.

So this year the kids wracked their brains for something fun.

Mckenna came up with a creepy doll costume. Um, hmmm…. not sure how to swing that one.

Ended up watching endless youtube doll makeup tutorials (still wish I could have done it a little bit better, but I am TERRIBLE at makeup) found a doll-ish dress and voila she was happy.

Omar wanted to be Pac Man. I didn’t even realize he knew who Pac Man was. But I was game. This is actually one of my favorite costumes to date. I again searched online for inspiration. Swung by the bike shop and grabbed some bike boxes from their recycling bin. Spray painted the hell out of it and there you go, coolest costume of the night.

halloweenThis was actually the first idea… Halfway through trick or treating it was driving him crazy on his head so we ran home and I cut a head hole and new arm holes. The old arm holes became eyes. I REALLY had wanted to rig it so that candy could drop through his mouth and into a bag, but I ran out of time.  Seriously EVERYWHERE we went people were freaking out over this costume. Mckenna got a little annoyed at the attention he was getting… especially because this might have been her last trick or treating year.

Oh and a bonus shot because I am here for your entertainment…

rebpacmanAt our ship’s Halloween party… Looking all sorts of awesome.



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