10 Day You Challenge ~Eight Fears~

These are the worst! Doesn’t everyone have the same fears? Anyways, here goes:

8) Loosing my teeth, bizarre but I have this nightmare every once in a while and it freaks me out.

7) Spiders, without question. HATE them. So glad my four year old son will now kill them for me.

6) Driving off a bridge with my kids in the car.  I got in a pretty bad accident on a bridge when I was a kid. An 18-wheeler hit our little car and I thought we were going to fall off. The worst! Now I’m really paranoid about going off a bridge, its really insane. I think about how I will get the kids out of the car, my oldest can swim so now I don’t have to worry about trying to swim with two children, its so crazy that I really think about this!

5) Millipedes in my shoes. Happened once as a kid, now I have to shake my shoes out anytime they are left outside.

4)Losing my family photos. Really shouldn’t happen. *knock on wood* I have everything backed up and I am about to double back up by sticking it all in cloud storage.

3) Losing my family. Yuck can’t think about it.

2) That our orders to Hawaii will get cancelled.

1) That by they time I’ve really figured out this deal called adulthood, I am going to be heading into middle age!

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